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Night Without End by Alistair MacLean
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Jan 10, 2012

it was ok
Read in January, 2012

When I began reading this, I thought this book is worth four stars. But that didn’t continue. Dr Mason described Corazzini, and from that I thought he’s one on the baddies, and after the Reverend Smallwood’s b/mumbled funeral service, I thought he’s got to be a baddy. So my suspects early on were Corazzini and Smallwood. Then Dr Mason thinks it’s another couple of men, with no real reason that I could see that made them greater suspects than others. The rating stars started dropping. Mason lets everyone hear what’s being said on the radio. The stars continue to drop. Mason says on the radio, “Mayday, mayday…” and the baddies don’t know what that means! Really pushing disbelief now.
The final scene they catch up to Smallwood, he points his gun at his hostage, and the others point several guns at him. Smallwood says to drop their guns or he will shoot the hostage – it’s likely he will do it anyhow – so they drop their guns. It was a standoff. Why would they drop their guns? If Smallwood shot the hostage he was dead. If they let Smallwood go with the hostage, the hostage was dead. Stars plummeting now.
The final thing. I dislike a woman being called a “girl”. It is disrespectful now, and it was disrespectful then.
What should have been rated 4 stars ended up being rated 2 stars, and that was only because the writing is good, otherwise it would have been 1.

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