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The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan
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Jan 10, 2012

really liked it

As this series comes to a close with the final chapter in The Last Olympian, I felt sad, but fulfilled and ready to say farewell to Percy and his friends.

The final chapter shows Percy becoming the man he was born to be (all before the age of 16 mind you!) and fulfill his destiny unflinchingly in the face of tremendous odds. The story of The Last Olympian is dark, fast-paced and breathlessly exciting. It is the year of the prophecy, and Percy's arch enemy - Luke/Kronos appears invincible as he has surrounded himself with seemingly unstoppable allies. Percy's own alliance of demigods, half-bloods and mythical creatures suddenly seemed plagued insecurities, pettiness and fear. Percy must rise above his own fear, elevating his friends in the process and boldly face what is sure to be his certain demise.
Rick Riordan weaves a tale of leadership, friendship and tenacity, tinged with that unique Percy Jackson humor.

I still found myself irritated with the running theme of Percy still being unaware of a lot of things going on, but unlike the other stories in the series, Rick Riordan does not dwell on Percy's ignorance. In fact, I am justified in the sense of impatience that Percy felt at the secret glances and innuendos that continued to run rampant all around him. But all in all, this was a fitting end to a wonderful tale.


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