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Suits by Nina Godiwalla
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Jan 10, 2012

really liked it

What has been up with 2012 and reading these well-written books!? Is this an elaborate set up!? Is the universe mollycoddling me because they are going to discontinue my favourite food in the world - Lays' Magic Masala? IS THAT WHY I'M GETTING TO READ ONLY NICE BOOKS THAT HAVEN'T BEEN A WASTE OF MY TIME?

If you haven't heard of Godiwalla, which I guess is the scene, I recommend a Google image search. I'll wait.


Done? Good, it'll be easier for me to review the book with her face edged firmly in your mind. Most reviews I read of Suits said the book wasn't really bad, but added nothing new to the already saturated genre of minority women in corporate offices (Godiwalla's second generation American with Parsi roots). Flipkart said the book was for some Rs 1200, and I'm like YEAH RIGHT. I kept it away on my wishlist for someone else to buy for me, and it stayed there for months. A few months later, I chanced upon another edition of the book on the same site and saw that it was for some Rs 400 tops. Whut da hayull? I called dibs.

So I began the book with a little bit of trepidation, was I going to get a snore version of the Devil Wears Prada with a lot of samosas and strict fathers thrown in? Determined to make most of my purchase, I took my chicken biryani and sat down to read the book with an open mind, not expecting much.

HOWEVER. Not only was the book a pleasant, fast-read, I enjoyed it thoroughly. A lot of people have complained about the jarring narrative- Godiwalla inserts familial memoir rather coarsely and pointedly into an ongoing spiel about how hard it is working at Morgan Stanley as a corporate slave, and woman. But I was fine with it. She does have an annoying habit of kicking though. Every nasty/sad/frustrating moment has her quipping about she kicked something in front of her, which to be honest, is a little pissing off.

Super first-world problems, but they were entertaining. I'm not too sure most men will take to this book, considering it does check out on all levels to be "chick lit". But I'm not one for telling anyone what they should definitely not read, since books are super subjective that way. All I can say I had a rollicking time reading through it. I won't remember too much from it, in fact I've already forgotten what she "does" at Morgan Stanley even though it's been mentioned on practically every other page.

Chicken biryani also gets my guard down, so I shall admit, a teardrop was hastily evacuated when Nina spoke of the beautifully tragic moments she shared with her grandmother towards the end of the text.

It could be because I have no knowledge of the corporate world, especially on Wall Street. It is, as I'm sure her publishers thought, a completely fascinating world for me to observe. You know what the outcome of the book is going to be, it's a book about the relentless corporate world, so SHE WILL QUIT GUYS, JUST SAYING. There's a lot of smart juxtaposition of southern, Texan hospitality versus the cut-throat New York-ness (which is YAWN CENTRAL in terms of originality, but nicely done), but read the book for the beautiful childhood memories Godiwalla shares, good enough to be a book on their own.

But Suits is like a fascinating conversation you've had with a wonderful, articulate, smart woman in a bar but left it there, and a year down the line you won't even remember her name or the details, except for remembering that whatever it was, it was nice.
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