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Control Point by Myke Cole
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Jan 09, 2012

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Read from June 22, 2012 to July 10, 2013

Man I wanted to love this book but it wouldn't let me.

Military SFF. The magic system is AWESOME and it posits a world where people manifest various types of magic more or less at random, and then the US Military says "You're mine now!" and if you say yes you get training, gear, and a spot on the front lines. If you attempt to decline you get stuck in a prison camp until you say yes. I rather like Oscar, the MC.

There's the US being their usual expansionist self and a magic portal to another world means territory to conquer and who cares if people already live there? This was fantastic, I loved the concept and the thorough worldbuilding. The 'natives' are goblins, but this is a book that knows what it's doing in terms of the US Expansionist/Native Americans --> to the usual problematic FF Troll/Goblin/Etc as analogues for people of colour in second-world SFF. And from the half of the book I read it was taking firm steps to dealing with that well. Also Fitzy is, indeed, an asshole.


The tone of the book is problematic. I's the book equivalent of a song where Mariah Carey is only using that one tip-top note the whole time. The intensity is cranked up 11 the whole time and instead of being on the edge of my seat I just got annoyed. Plus, there were no female characters who were the equal of our protag. Not one. He loves his mom. She gets two pages on screen, and cries. There's the teenaged girl who's in training for her elemental powers; she's a typical teenager, but she's a KID, and comes in for a fair amount of Oscar's disdain because of it. There's the requisite hetero love interest who is very pretty, a healer, and cries a lot. There's the mom who's basically her brain-damaged magic-user son's trainer 'open a nice portal for mommy there's a good boy'. There's Scylla, who rejects the whole mandatory draft for magic users thing but who's main weapon is her sexuality and who is murdery and insane and scares the pants off Oscar by hitting on him. THAT'S IT. I dropped the book halfway--skipping to book two.

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