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Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris
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Jan 09, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: paranormal

I listened to this on audio during my commutes, and it made them much more fun. I have seen all 4 seasons of the HBO show that are currently out and though I'd try the audiobooks. I thought this series might be good on audio because the plots are at least somewhat straightforward and the cast of characters is limited (and I'm already familiar with a lot of things, too). I wouldn't want to listen to something really complicated in the car because I'm afraid I'll miss something and want to refer to a book.

For the most part, the story in this book is similar to the first season of True Blood. However, I'd say that the show is a little more eventful and action-heavy, whereas more introspection and mind-reading happens in the book. Baby vampire Jessica is nowhere to be seen, at least so far, which makes sense because in this version Bill wouldn't need to create Jessica...OK it's hard to discuss this without spoilers. Tara and Lafayette have MUCH smaller roles so far, which is too bad because Lafayette from the show is just fabulous. Anyway. I already knew about several differences between the early books and the show already from friends, so there are some differences that won't suprise me (but I know very little about the series after book 4, so if I keep listening I guess I will hit some surprises after all).

Basically, these books are entertaining and enjoyable, with some depth too. I think there are some interesting points in these books about class, gender, and race in the South. It's definitely not a perfect small-town world, even if you leave out all of the supernatural stuff! And there's some real emotion in there. The main character, Sookie, had been unpopular and somewhat estranged from the community prior to meeting Bill because she could read minds and had trouble controlling it. In the books, I can actually believe that she had this wallflower-type past (more so than in the TV show). After a series of murders rocks her hometown of Bon Temps, Louisiana, Sookie is suddenly propelled into a bolder, riskier, more outgoing life. I look forward to watching Sookie's development and seeing what vampire drama develops in later books. Good for fun listening!

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