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Sugar Rush by Donna Kauffman
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Jan 09, 2012

really liked it
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I like variety when reading and the first reads of 2012 are a perfect example of that. A supernatural werewolf mystery, bizarro and a romantic bit of chic lit. Chic lit being one I'd say I read the least but I won this book on twitter from the publisher and was dying for a different kind of book and this was sitting on my shelves so I rebelled and read it. See I'm a bad ass. Yep that much of one.

Sugar Rush was sweet. No pun intended, though it's hard to escape the sweet food references when it's a book about a baker and her love life. Leilani has had the hots for her boss for ages but after some family issues and a need for a change she moves way down south to a little island off the coast of Georgia. ( I've so always wanted to go to Savannah )

She sets up her own business which takes plenty of time and effort. Leilani who's name is way cool is a character I really liked she's sweet ( yeah, yeah but she is ) she's smart, she's a baker and I totally want to get in her kitchen and lick the bowl and spoon. Just when her life is orderly her ex boss shows up. Yes the one she had the hots for. So much for moving on. Men!

Baxter Dunne aka chef Hot Cakes. < yes he's hot of course it's never fat ugly guys in these books but this is in reference to his hot, hot, hot tv show. Anyhoo Baxter wants to film his show in her kitchen and yes chaos ensues along with some sexual tension in the air. You can see it a mile away.

I enjoyed the characters all nicely well written and just nice good people. My one and only issue with the book is that the reasons given for the two not to be together were well very legitimate so while reading this I'm thinking wait.... they can't be together but, but that's not the way this is supposed to work. They like each other they fall in love have hot sex and live happily ever after. Usually the things that keep the characters apart till the whole oh I realize I love you now and you were meant for me why didn't I realize it all along is usually lame. Here totally legit and no this story didn't go like that but they so often are written that way it seamed like a fine example to use.

Which brings me to my next point it's not written like that thank god. It was very legit arguments and that had me sad which meant I liked them and wanted them to get together asap I may add. I also liked that there wasn't any oh my how could he like me I'm so fat and frumpy and he's a god with a giant penis. That would be what I don't like about chic lit it's so lame and predictable. The guy is always so hot and the girl is so blah but the stud sees her for what she really is a beauty on the inside and then when he jams the penis home boom instant orgasm for her. Um yeah. No. This one has a fun, sweet twist and gasp well written. No lameola bs with the chick not being hot enough or the guy being a god just two people who respect each other, care about each other and finally give it a chance and yeah yeah happily ever after.

I'm still a girl dammit. I want my happy ending, this one delivers and with cup cakes!
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