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Want Me, Cowboy by Maisey Yates
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The most unique thing about Maisey Yates Want Me Cowboy is the fact that its an inter-racial love affair and race never becomes a factor in the story. Ah, if life could be so uncomplicated. Poppy Sinclair our heroine is African American. The only reason we know that is because early in the story her skin tone is described as mahogany in color and there are a few other instances where her dark skin is mentioned. Even her name, Poppy Sinclair sounds about as WASP as you can get. At any rate it was nice to see the author have a person of color as a main character but the story itself to have nothing to do with race. Poppy has been Isaiah Grayson's personal assistant for ten years. He hired her for the job when she was only 18 at the behest of her foster sister Rosalind who was engaged to him at the time. Poppy fell in love with Isaiah immediately but of course couldn't poach her sister's man. Unfortunately Rosalind cheated on Isaiah, broke his heart and put it in a deep freeze. So for the past 10 years Poppy has felt unrequited love for the enigmatic Isaiah. It's never really explained but it sounds like Isaiah may suffer from a form of Asperbergers. He's brilliant but lacks the ability to read others social cues. This problem only compounds his fear of giving his heart to another for fear he will miss the signs that would tell him something was wrong in the relationship. Poppy serves as his good right hand attending meetings with him and cluing him into other peoples reactions as well as calling him on his shit when he needs it. After watching his brothers Devlin and Joshua find contentment in marriage Isaiah decides he wants the same for himself. Only he doesn't believe in love for himself so for him its more of a business transaction. In this regard this story mirrors the previous one with his brother Joshua and Danielle. Joshua had intended to marry Danielle, take care of her and have a sexual relationship with her but was convinced he couldn't or wouldn't love her because of a bad previous relationship. Isaiah thinks finding a wife is so impersonal that he runs an ad in the newspaper and asks Poppy to interview prospetive wives for him trusting that she'll know the perfect match for him. After a couple days of interviewing women for Isaiah Poppy has had it. She wants nothing to do with finding a wife for the man she's been longing for over the past decade. She also determines that she's wasting her life pining after a man she will never have and decides its time to quit her job and relocate where she can forget about Isaiah and move on with her life. She blows up and tells Isaiah he's asking her to find a woman to serve as his personal assistant at home just as she does at work. The light goes on for Isaiah in that Poppy already his perfect assistant and friend would make a perfect wife for him too. At first Poppy rejects the idea but when she considers that marrying him would mean she could have the man she's been dreaming of and be part of his family which she's grown to love maybe it isn't such a bad idea even if he doesn't love her. At least she won't have to watch another woman share his marriage bed. Of course we know how the rest of the story will go. Just as Danielle realizes that despite everything Joshua was offering her, she couldn't marry him if he wouldn't or couldn't love her, Poppy reaches the same conclusion with Isaiah. The rest of the story is Poppy trying to convince Isaiah to forget about how Rosalind had hurt him and open up his heart to love her and all the drama that ensues as Isaiah finds the courage to love again.
My favorite part of this book is when Poppy finally tells Isaiah that she loves him. That she in fact has been in love with him almost from the time she met him and the dialogue that goes back and forth as she first lays her heart on the line and then tries to get Isaiah to open his own heart to her love. This was a good if somewhat short story from one of my favorite authors.
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