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Keep Holding On by Susane Colasanti
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Jan 08, 2012

really liked it

Keep Holding On is a heartbreaking, encouraging story about self worth; dealing with topics ripped from recent headlines. A book every teen can relate to.

Noelle likes to be invisible. It keeps the attention off of her. She is poor and gets bullied endlessly because of her difficult home life. Recently she has started "dating", but it's more like secretly hooking up during class. Matt isn't her ideal boyfriend, she would much rather be with Julian; a boy who is obviously interested in her, but she thinks it won't work out because of their "school status".

The synopsis of this story makes it seem like it’s more about romance, which to an extent it is, but the main story is about bullying and standing up for yourself. When a class mate takes drastic measures to end her bullying, Noelle will decided she is tired of her secret life and hiding. She will start fighting for what she wants.

Keep Holding On is an in depth read that gives a new voice to problems teens are facing these days. It was a groundbreaking read for me; I really enjoyed the premise and think more books like this need to be written. I did have one tiny issue with the book. Although I could personally relate to Noelle (being poor as a child and bullied about it), I struggled to understand her self doubt, her complaining and her choices. Some things just did not make sense to me. I figured it’s because I am an adult and don't have that "teen mentality" anymore. When she would complain about an issue, I just wanted to scream, "be thankful for what you have".

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