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Breathless by Cherrie Lynn
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"He smelled like oil and the faintest hint of the sweat that sheened his heavily inked skin, and she practically felt her ovaries growl. Oh God, yes, she wanted this man's baby."

I've read over a thousand books since I first met Ghost & Macy in 2013, but I still remember...sigh. ❤️

I've continued to follow Cherrie Lynn over the years and I get excited every time she has a new release. So, you can imagine how excited I was to learn that this memorable couple was getting a novella and I would be able to catch up with them. When I started reading it was as if I'd just finished reading Leave Me Breathless. Their explosive chemistry has not dulled in the six months they've been married. Their witty banter, role-playing, and habit of having spontaneous sex regardless of their current location are highly entertaining.

The thought of a mini-Ghost or mini-Macy makes me smile. Either would be more than a handful to handle and I hope the author decides to give her readers a taste when that happens. I'm sure they will have a very colorful vocabulary and personality. And trying to imagine Seth & Macy having to control their urges and not christen every surface in their house at will also makes me giggle. But, at the same time, I know they will make perfect parents.

Unfortunately, when a blast from their past shows up, doubts resurface and Macy worries that she's not enough for her man. Will she and the idea of a family be enough to keep him satisfied? She doesn't want to hold him back, but can she accept the part of him that still wants to be on stage?
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