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Need by Carrie Jones
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I didn't like this book. It was not interesting but I felt it had a lot of stolen ideas. It was like reading some twisted version of twilight. The whole pixie idea wasn't good and it was very unoriginal with all the likeness of vampires. The fact the they feed off boys was just weird. On page 126 the line Betty says &quote; "to catch him, any one who can kidnap boys" end quote sounds so weird, like it would be perfectly fine if they were doing that stuff to girls. That sounds so wrong to me being a girl. Alot of the sentence wording bothered me like, Carrie doesn't wanna thnk long enough to write somthing interesting I know that sounds mean but the way things are worded are weird. Nick was my least favourite charector he was cute and charming and his only goal in life was to protect zara fact that he could turn in to a werewolf because he was a shifter was Jacob Black with blonde hair. The random phobias didn't make sense to me unless they're supossed to be a nerve thing. The first day at a new school she meets Devyn and awkward little issie (weird name) she doesn't know them and just goes over to issies house and without saying anything to Betty about where she'll be, and the fact that betty knows there some crazy pixie guy out there I'd think she would get worried. There was nothing I did like about this book but I am planning on reading the next one. The first was was awfull so I hope the next one is better Reading other peoples comments the only reason I would want to read the next books would be to laugh at how terrible that are. Over all this book is a terrible waste of time and money.

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