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Again, but Better by Christine Riccio
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okdokie, my name is dissapointment.

I really, really wanted to like this book. most of the time, even when i was rolling my eyes, I was hoping to eventually actually like Again but Better. Did that happen? no, not at all.

Christine Riccio is a Booktuber and this is her debut novel. And while i really enjoy her youtube channel, this debut just isn't for me. Maybe future books will be more mature or better stories, but Again, but Better is a solid two stars for me.

Again but Better feature Shane, an awkward college student who has a weird blog, overbearing parents, and a big wish to start life all over again. Shane schemes her way into a study abroad program in London, where she wants to kiss a boy, get a dream job, and just really experience college.

Shane is sorry-not-sorry, one of the worst characters I've read about this year. Her voice reads so middle school like and she feels just really immature? She's constantly knocking things over, like chairs, sauce cans and more chairs.
And how many times can she drop her head in her hands???????? this constant hands on her face was so much worse than the overused letting go of a breath they didn't know they were holding. Okay??? it was overused and annoyed me to no end.
how does one even keep putting one's head in their hands all the damn time in every damn awjward moment???

Besides annoying Shane, the other characters were just, very meh. THE NAMES, my god, the Names. Pilot. Babe. Atticus.
Are these real names or just fanfic??? like, why such weird names?

And then the plot, major ooooffff. The plot revolves around Shane lying to her parents, scheming for them to pay 50k for a fake study abroad program, and then spending most of that program trying to get a guy to break up with his girlfriend.

Okay, Shane's parents are god-awful, emotionally abusive jerks who needed major consequences for being incredibly shitty. did that happen? nope. nope. nope.

I mean, blatant verbal abuse on the page, and Shane is like, i'll just not move home! ummm, no, there needs to be bigger consequences for treating your child like a robot.

The girl on girl hate??? Rolling my eyes annoying. The spending money to travel while lying to your parents to get more money???? made me want to barf.

Just, most of this story, was damn annoying. Like major unrealistic, juvenile, and the constant 2011 culture references made me want to gouge out my eyes. how much can we talk about Lost and Cassandra Clare???????????????????????????

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8.0% "can someone tell me it gets better? cause right now i can barely get past the names, my god, pilot??? Babe??? atticus? all in the first 25 pages?

also the writing feels very juvenile and if shane covers her face with her hands one more time i might barf"
July 9, 2019 –
14.0% "okay, let's go to rome!

are we going to talk about getting the $50 for the flight or where we're staying or anything? or are we going to be very random kids with lots of money who can just do anything we want?
July 9, 2019 –
24.0% "gaaahhhh, i've kept a journal since i was 14 and never in my life did i write that i downloaded a game on my phone

and shane's college age and writing about angry birds in her diary??? HELP"
July 9, 2019 –
70.0% "literally, you go back in time and your biggest plan is uploading covers for songs that aren't out yet?

i'm just,,,,this is such a first world, straight starbucks girl story"
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100.0% "alrighty, deep breath, time to scream"
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