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The One That Got Away by Rhianne Aile
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Jan 08, 2012

really liked it
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The title of this book suggests a story line and a level of conflict that is just not there. Hell, there is barely a story line at all. No conflict. No plot. The title doesn't even make sense until the last line of the book and it's more like 'srsly'? The first half of the book is UST, the second is just sex. Someone should have told the responsible author to use a different word the other 32 times she used 'brunet' to describe one of the MCs. There's head hop hop hop hopping......

And you know what? Fuck all that. This one totally worked for me.
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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)


Sarasaya AHAHAHAHAA I so love you, please, adopt me.

LenaLena If it wasn't for the 'brunet' thing which got to be like a poke in the eye after a while, I would have so given this 5 stars.

I'm not sure what I do with a girl, Sara, but sure. Is Kate gonna be your Daddy Cool?

Sarasaya Don't worry, no need to do anything, I'll even cook, clean the house and bring your kids to school every day. And wash your car.

And hell, yeah, Kate will be my Daddy Cool.

LenaLena Awesome. When can you move in?

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

I hated this book so much I never got more than half way through. It wasn't just the head hopping and the blond/brunet labels. It was the STUPID STUPID plot where the "straight" guy comes over to take care of him and his migraine, sleeps in his gay friend's bed with him because the couch is just not good enough, babies his broken arm that completely incapacitates the poor whiny twit. I suppose you might find such a devoted sweet, caring straight guy. Personally I don't know any, but this is fiction.

Yeah I know this is H/C and I'm no good with that, but really. This?? Was awful.

Sarasaya ..........
do you think it means she doesn't want to be my daddy cool, Marleen?

BTW, I agree with both of you. That's why it was 3 starts for me. I'm in the middle.

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm too lazy to be anybody's Daddy. Way too much work. Especially with you troublemakers.

LenaLena Plot? There was a plot?


message 10: by Aiko (last edited Jan 08, 2012 07:05PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Aiko I'm pretty sure there was no plot. Except describing how tense they were when the brunet had to open the pants for broken-arm-guy.

good enough for me to have an ok time reading it though ;) I'm unable to rate this at all..It's one of those 5 star one moment, 1 star next moment books.

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