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Who We Were by Melissa  Collins
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it was ok

Alternative title: Ryan the runner. We witness Ryan run away from his life/past/relationship one too many times. The length of the book falls on the short side and it made all the running a little unnecessary and soap opera-ish for no reason. He ran away from Quinn so many times that I wouldn't have taken him back. It's not only the number of times he just walked away, it's also his lack of apologies. He didn't do any kind of grand gesture and he didn't groove enough. His reason for not coming back to Quinn is not good enough. Not for 12 years of absence and him been forced to come back. A therapist 10 years ago would have been a great idea. He was supposed to be in love with him and yet he never actually acted like it in this book.

Quinn never had and never will have a backbone. He deserved better, like a person who was going to be there for him, not run away and be willing to work his problems with him. His only act that showed some kind of backbone was him dating Todd and even that didn't last long. He should have made Ryan work for it and I would have loved to see that.

The story has many time jumps and it can be days, weeks, months or the big 12-year one. The book is separated into 2 equal in length parts where all the small time jumps happen. I feel like we didn't really need to see Quinn and Ryan back in high school to this extent. We only needed to know the basic, so when they became adults they would have more time to solve their problems and mature in Ryan's case. They needed more time and space to get to know the people they had become because in 12 years a lot of things change, especially one's personality. For me, the first part was well developed, but the second was rushed because the characters had many things to do to fix their relationship and there wasn't enough space or time for them to just do that. I needed to see them working their problems together in a loving and adult way.

I am a fan of Melissa Collins, but this is not one of her best works. I was expecting more stuff happening in the present and not in the past. I didn't get the impression that Quinn and Ryan matured enough or changed over the years because even back then Ryan was running and Quinn was waiting for him to come back.

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