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Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs
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Jan 07, 2012

really liked it
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I am more pleased than this cat right now!

I really am very very satisfied with Patricia Briggs and the way she dealt with this novel. I loved the plot, I loved the action and I just freaking loved Mercy!

I had picked up this series about 2 years ago. That was a time when I was obsessed with the PNR genre, bitten with the Vampire Academy bug you could say. I read so much of PNR that I really wasn’t surprised when I finally got nauseated with it. I hated the bitchy self sacrificing protagonist, the oh so perfect heroes and especially the darn LOVE TRIANGLES!

Every book I read made me think:

I hung garlic around my neck (Edward doesn’t get repulsed by that stuff, cauz he isn’t a VAMPIRE!) and went for a pilgrimage down the lane of other genres;thus leaving behind many series unread. Some of the series include: Vampire Academy (couldn’t deal with Rose), House Of the Night(EEEEKS!), Suhkeeh series(oops, Sookie), Awakened series(bleh), Midnight Breed(booo!), Night Huntress(5th part wasn’t out) and Mercy Thompson.

The prime reason why I left this series was the love triangle; which was on the verge of becoming a square, due to Stefan (another freaking vampire!)and his proclamation of love to Mercy. After reading this book though, I think the love triangle and the way it was resolved was one of the most satisfying aspects of this novel.

Yes, there is a love triangle, but unlike other Mercy has a rock solid reason for being incapable to choose between the very hot alternatives. The hot alternatives are the overprotective Adam, and the over caring Sam. She loves both of them, and again, unlike others she isn’t lying. Mercy isn’t the kind of person to be the damsel in distress and let people take care of her, even if they are as amazing as Sam and Adam. I think, ultimately, that is the reason why they and the readers respect her.

Mercy really stands out among her contemporary PNR heroines. She might be the only one who is not a hypocrite. She isn’t an all sacrificing and righteous, still she is loyal, and stands by her fae friend Zee, she disobeys orders and realizes the stupidity of it and most of all, and she isn’t disillusioned into thinking that keeping facts helps protect people.

Like I said, the love triangle is resolved in a very very convincing and satisfying way, not involving killing one off, making them fall in love with their baby, or hatred between former lovers. Mercy makes a choice! And I understand her reasons, and I really admire her for not going down the “but if I choose, that would break my heart!” road. Rose, Ehlena, Sookie, Zooey, learn something!

All, I am yammering away is about the love affairs, but the book really wasn’t totally focused on it. This series is waay too good for that. In fact, the mystery surrounding the murders was thrilling; and the supernatural characters all too real. Also that incident at the end was equal parts shocking and heart breaking. Ben’s character is shown in a totally new light and I LOVED IT! Very very pleased with a PNR novel after a very long time.

PS: What’s with the totally inappropriate and disgusting cover? I know, don’t judge book by its cover, still, what were they thinking?

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Yodamom Great review. What the tramp stamp ? LOL- yeah they could have giver her a better look.

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