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The Mysterious Howling by Maryrose Wood
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Jan 07, 2012

liked it

I liked this book but was frustrated with it at the same time. There is a clear line between YA fiction and JF fiction (I guess the F there is redundant?), which is a good thing, but I hadn't read JF for a while, so that took a little bit of an adjustment. It was a fun book with a fun premise. It also had a good bit of mystery in it and was fun to read. I wish that there had been more, or, I guess, anything, from the children's point of view. I really liked Penelope, but I felt that it made the children seem a little one-dimensional, enforced the wild/uncivilized side of them to never know what was going on in their heads. I also loved the narrator's voice. That was really funny. My favorite aside was about hyperbole: "The practice of overstating the case is called hyperbole. Hyperbole is usually harmless, but in some cases it has been known to precipitate unnecessary wars as well as a painful gaseous condition called stock market bubbles" (p. 188). The children's speech kind of got annoying after a while though. My biggest problem: the way it ended. I appreciate that it's a series. That's fine. However, in my opinion, a book is a book, whether or not it's part of a larger series, and it should, therefore, be able to stand on its own. It should have a conclusion and be at least somewhat satisfying in the ending, even if it leaves the reader looking forward to the next book. This book was just building up to a climax when, bam--over. So annoying.
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