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Sweetest Mistress by Skye Warren
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4 ½ stars – Contemporary Erotic Novella

Femdom isn’t my preference in erotica. (I usually like my doms to be hot alpha males.) But having the story told from the insecure, flawed, average hero Wyle’s POV and getting insight into his dominatrix/mistress fantasies was hilarious and highly entertaining. There’s one angtsy scene ensuing from a misunderstanding, but otherwise it’s flippant and funny as hell at times. (At least it was to me.) The Femdom/BDSM element is on the light side as well and mostly involves fantasy role-playing.

This is the second story I’ve read by this author and I enjoy her writing style. It’s a great erotic novella, especially for a freebie.

Here are a couple of examples of the hero’s sarcastic, self-deprecating humor.

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message 1: by Taryn (new) - added it

Taryn What's a femdom?

Shawna It's a female dominant, aka dominatrix/mistress. The female is the one in the dominance role.

message 3: by Taryn (last edited Jan 07, 2012 07:09PM) (new) - added it

Taryn That's what I thought, I just wasn't sure since I've never seen that before. Interesting...


message 4: by Shawna (last edited Jan 07, 2012 07:20PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Shawna YW! The femdom aspect is different from what I usually like since I prefer male doms, but it's on the light side since it's mostly about fantasy role-playing. And it's pretty darn funny, too.

message 5: by Taryn (new) - added it

Taryn I've never thought to read a female dom before....It's hard to even picture it, honestly. I just assumed it was a male role. Stupid me for doing that! Maybe I'll check this one out to see...

message 6: by Kristen (new)

Kristen Huh, I haven't read a femdom book before. I'll have to give this one a try. Thanks for the rec, Shawna.

Shawna YW, Kristen! :)

message 8: by Dina (new) - added it

Dina Thanks for the rec, Shawna! Femdom isn't my cuppa, but since you said it was hilarious, entertaining and treated lightly in this story, I'm going to give it a try.

Shawna Dina, It's definitely not my cuppa either, but it's on the light side. Wyle's pathetically average joe, self-mocking inner dialogue totally hooked and entertained me.

Auntee Thanks for the rec, Shawna! Femdoms aren't my cuppa either, but I trust your judgment and I'll give it a shot. I also picked up her Beauty Touched the Beast book too!:)

Shawna YW, Auntee! I think *hope* you'll enjoy it, especially when you're in the mood for something a little different and humorous.

"Beauty Touched the Beast" was another nice freebie, but I just wish it had been longer.

Yvonne Thanks for the req Shawna! You know that I like my Alpha's big and bad but I trust you completely. I will add this one to my TBR!.
In fact, I read a terrific short story called "Domme by Default" by Tymber Dalton and it was really nice to get a different take on BDSM in erotica. The wife was learning her way as a Domme in order to fulfill her husband's desire to be a sub.

Shawna YW, Yvonne! LOL! I know you usually like 'em on the alpha bad ass side like me.

Yay, I see you gave it 4 stars. I thought Wyle's insecure inner dialogue was genuine, sweet, and funny.

I haven't read anything by Tymber Dalton, but I have a few of her books on the TBR that sound intruiging.

Shawna I did a re-read of these lines and LOL'd again.

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message 15: by AgentScully (new)

AgentScully Dina wrote: "Thanks for the rec, Shawna! Femdom isn't my cuppa, but since you said it was hilarious, entertaining and treated lightly in this story, I'm going to give it a try."

Ditto what she said! And a freebie too :-)

Shawna I hope you enjoy it, Scully! The hero's desperation and self-deprecation cracked me up.

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