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The Third Wave by Alvin Toffler
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Jun 28, 2008

really liked it
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Again, a book written some time ago (24 years), so how does it stand up?

In one section, Toffler speaks of how the customer "will become so integrated into the production process that we find it . . . difficult to tell . . . who is the producer." So many Internet niche marketers (today’s most popular and fastest growing business model) would read this and agree. It's fascinating to see such precision in understanding a device some 20 years ago that itself is only 10 years old. Today’s customer IS the product—where customers are surveyed and THEN the product is produced.

Key insights:

(1) Companies needing to take on full responsibility for the consequences of their actions on society and the environment;

(2) Companies becoming much more important social institutions of change;

(3) Information moving to the center of major decisions;

(4) Government spreading its influence so that business and politics become inextricably entwined; and

(5) Institutional ethics coming to more closely reflect social ethics.

Once again, with the proliferation of companies taking their selling to the people through "ethically enhanced" business models, or the more modern version of multi-level marketing companies, it is fascinating to see how Toffler's predictions have come to light. Information is king today, and due to the Internet and it's almost instant and far reaching access to the public, it is difficult if not impossible to perform poorly without thousands if not millions soon being aware of a companies gross mistreatment of customers. So we can see how right on Toffler is.

If you haven't read Toffler, then it's required reading for those who aren't aware of trends, and as this world moves toward light speed changes, it is essential if not vital reading for all.
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