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This is one of those books that as soon as I read the synopsis, I was instantly attracted to it. Mysterious tattoos, dream injuries, good vs evil battles - it definitely caught my attention. Sadly, I didn't fall love with it, but it's still a fun book full of plot twists that kept my attention throughout.

Violet is our main character, she's just learning that there's a whole world out there she didn't know existed, and she's right in the middle of it all. She is one of those characters that is easy to like, with confidence and independence. I liked how she handled herself in tough situations, but not in her relationships. Both guys are undoubtedly hot, and I liked how they didn't beat around the bush with their attraction to each other, but the love triangle is particularly cliché. We've got Lincoln, the good guy, who she loves with all of her heart but, of course, it's impossible for them to be together. Then we've got Pheonix, the bad boy, who loves her more than she loves him. Even though there was great chemistry between them and Violet, I found both guys bland- personality-wise. There were also a few things I questioned. She seemed to put all of her trust in Pheonix who is unquestionably manipulative, and obviously filled with dark secrets. She seemed blind to things that were simply sensical to anyone else. As for Lincoln, I loved his character at the start, but his appearance in the book becomes scarce after the first quarter so we don't get to know him very much. Regardless, I won't deny the romantic scenes are filled with passion and lust.

The intriguing plot is what I enjoyed the most about this book. Angel stories have rarely impressed me, thus I'm happy that the original lore in Embrace had me constantly curious to find out more about these angels and their conspiracies. In addition to being beautifully written, the novel introduces twists that are well thought out, as well as clever. We're left with a sense that nothing and no one is to be trusted in this world; it's intense and a bit unnerving. There are a few details I disbelieved in the story, though. How her best friend easily believes her when she explains she is part angel -in a food court no less, or how her dad acts oblivious, even neglectful towards his 17 year old daughter. I also never caught on to why it was forbidden for angel "teams" to be together. While I love forbidden romance, I like to know why it is so.

Fresh and enticing, Embrace is a delightful angel novel that, even though I didn't absolutely love it, I'd still recommend to fans of paranormal books who enjoy a fast paced, intriguing story, with an abundance of romance, betrayal and secrets.

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message 1: by Kereesa (new)

Kereesa jeeeeeaaaalllllloooouuuuusssss!! The ads have been getting to me, now I want this book :D

Giselle There are ads? I only see the Jodi Picoult one. Oh and a disturbing one where an old woman is peeling on her skin.

message 3: by Kereesa (new)

Kereesa Oh, god, I must find that one. SOMEHOW.

But yeah, emails from publishers, etc...

Purcheria I really liked this one. Looking forward to reading the second book in the series

Mariya Totally agree with your statement. Angel/Demon books don't impress me unless it's some sort of epic story. I loose interest way too quickly.

Anna (Literary Exploration) Sweet evil is totally epic!

Giselle Mariya wrote: "Totally agree with your statement. Angel/Demon books don't impress me unless it's some sort of epic story. I loose interest way too quickly."

I still liked it. Probably a 3-star. I just had a hard time believing some of it. And the triangle was a bit too perfect/cliché. So it was alright for some mindless entertainment for the moment.

Anna wrote: "Sweet evil is totally epic!"
I'll try that one it sounds good. But if you love it I'll probably hate it baha.

message 8: by Kereesa (new)

Kereesa Ah, darn. Guess I'm borrowing it instead of buying. 'Forbidden' romance=*eyerolls* a plenty :P Great review Giselle!!

message 9: by Giselle (last edited Mar 01, 2012 02:45PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Giselle Kereesa wrote: "Ah, darn. Guess I'm borrowing it instead of buying. 'Forbidden' romance=*eyerolls* a plenty :P Great review Giselle!!"

Thanks K! And yeah. The triangle was very "perfect".

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Danielle MIKAYLA

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Danielle LEXI

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Danielle OK

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