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Broods of Fenrir by Coral Moore
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Jan 07, 2012

really liked it

If you’re a wolf, you know that the wolf who kills the King becomes the next King. Which is exactly Brand’s problem since he killed his sire. He doesn’t want to be King – he doesn’t want anything, if fact; other than to be left alone. His life before Gier’s death had been hell. In the Broods of Fenrir, females were slaves, bought and sold to anyone or won in battle. Male offspring were beaten, tortured and often killed by sire’s too mean to share the females with them. This was Brand’s young life.
Now running a successful security business in Denver, Brand stays to himself other than Alice, whom he rescued from a butcher of a wolf and Erik, earl of another group, who is his best friend. Alice is his friend, nothing more and sometimes he feels he rescued her on that backroad just to lose her. She is so timid and shrinking although an excellent empathy and healer.
When his “caretaker” from youth calls him he feels he has to see what she’s up to. Ingrid was never sane on her best days and she hasn’t had many of those lately; but even Brand didn’t expect this one: Ingrid wants him to mate with her daughter, Dagny, who technically belongs to Brand’s younger brother. To say that she is beautiful is an understatement and Brand is immediately aware that she will end up his mate. Ingrid’s plan goes wrong (as they nearly always do) and Brand escapes her with Dagny in tow.
There are murder, violence, lab experiments, love, death in battle and an excellent description of wolf culture in this novel. There is obedience, groveling and tears. The struggle with Ingrid is but a small part of the whole in Broods of Fenrir. The King who won’t be King has his hands full with Dagny, his brother, Ingrid and a few humans thrown in to make things interesting. If you like paranormal tales this is a good one and you don’t want to miss it.

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