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The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan
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Jan 07, 2012

it was ok

at first, this book seemed really nice. i remember myself staying all day long at home reading it, most of the time full with tears.
the writing is amazing. the author is truly very talented, as while reading this book i've never felt so depressed. she can manipulate you, make you feel whatever she wants you to feel just with some written words, something needed so that a book can be succesful but very rare. so, i partly liked this book.
no, ''like'' isnt excactly the word i'd use, since i can not imagine anyone ''like'' or ''enjoy'' this book. anyway, you get what i mean.

however, i didnt like the story. apart from the fact that many questions remain unaswered and important things are not explained(eg. why gabrielle was faster, where did the beasts come from etc), and apart from the fact that the author tried to put romance in the book but failed miserably, i REALLY THINK THAT MARY NEEDS TO SET HER PRIORITIES.
her whole family and some friends and village DIED because of what? SHE WANTED TO SEE THE OCEAN!!!
when i read this book i was on holiday with a friend of mine in crete(island in greece) and our house there is right next to the sea, you walk ten feet and the sand is under your feet. so it was rediculous, and it become a kind of joke for us.
so ill just give the book 2 stars for the awesome writing. im not going to read the next book, i promise you that.

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