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City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare
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Jan 06, 2012

really liked it
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Read from May 21 to 23, 2012 — I own a copy

I just finished this book and I am beyond shaken.
I'm practically walking aimlessly around the house thinking about it and my heart is beating so fast and I can't sit down at all. I dont know, have you ever had that feeling? I hope there's nothing wrong with me...
You just read one of the many side effects that this awesome book can cause . It was not amazing. It was ingenius .

At first I thought it was kind of boring. I had to force myself to keep reading, which is something that was never needed for a TMI book. The City of Souls lacked a lot of things the books before didn't. Jace- as Jace was not there except some brief moments,so no witty comments. I really missed him. It was so much different.
Also, another thing that made my heart beat fast and annoyed me(the no,-dont-change-the-subject-I-want-Jace-and-Clary type of annoyance) is that the heroes were as if divided in 3 teams- ''Team Good'', ''Team Evil'' and ''Team Maia and Jordan''.
So, while I wanted to see more of Team Evil(Jace, Sebastian, Clary) , the next chapter was about the others! Which is really frustrating... But a nice thing as well. I'm not a patient person; it was hard not to cheat. And I felt like I needed this, to know the rest, which just proves the talent of this amazing author.

We see Clary go to a whole new level here. She is amazingly brave. She kills a few demons and handles Sebastian on her own and doing an amazing job as well. I like her a lot now and have come to respect her.

He is creepy . The parts with him were indeed the best in the book, but with him just present I felt jolts of fear and shudder. (view spoiler) The whole Sebastian thing is what made me call this book ingenius.(And the part with Alec- Magnus. I just couldn't bear to read it... so sad) Even though i hate that bastard(sorry for any rudeness) sebastian is the best villain. He's a lot better than valentine- or in this case, worse. i thought Valentine was boring since he barely felt any emotion. I love it when both the good and the bad guys have and show their feelings, like Sebastian(his anger, loath, jeaousy etc are obvious in many parts) .
i can say that here is finally a villain that makes me wanna scream '' I WANT HIM DEAD OR TORTURED OR SERIOUSLY INJURED!!''. Valentine didn't have that thing Sebastian does, i didnt care whether he lived or died.
Sebastian is plain evil. He's creepy. *shudders*

I enjoyed this book. It is different than the others before it. It was more tense, dark and violent and I just can't help thinking about what is going to come next.

They're gonna be two awfully long years.

Some quotes that made my day(if you consider it spoiler don't read it- even though I dont count it as one):

(Jace) ''Is there anything special you want to see? Paris? Budapest? The Leaning tower of Pisa?
Only if it falls on Sebastian's head , Clary thought.

(Sebastian)''Honestly Jace,'' he said. ''The idea that you thought you could get away with something like this just knocks me out.''
(Jace) ''Next time... you want to be knocked out... I'd be happy to help you. Maybe with a brick,'' he said breathless.

Have fun! ;D
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