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The Evolution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin
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Jan 06, 2012

it was amazing
Read from October 23 to November 04, 2012

The Evolution of Mara Dyer was an absolutely thrilling sequel to the brain-wracking first novel in the series. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer was enchanting and exciting, but this one was ADDICTING. There are more twists and turns and exciting parts in this book then there are on a roller-coaster ride. One thing is for sure, once readers put this one down, they'll definitely need some time before picking up any other book.

Mara in this book, was let's just say, funny and in a way messed up as she was in the last book. If you thought her life in the was mind-wracking, confusing, and weird, then her life in the second book just got a whole lot crazier. There are ex'es stalking her, crazy dolls appearing everywhere, nervous and paranoid parents, and a bunch of other voodoo-istic/creeptastic events transpiring in her life which she seems to have lost control over. But then again, she does have her amazing and totally drool-worthy hunk of a boyfriend Noah Shaw to keep her sane and grounded. The one most important thing I loved about Mara was that, even though her life just decided to spiral towards cookoo-ville, she remained strong, optimistic, loyal, (insert many other synonyms), and stayed true to herself.

Okay, I've decided that I'm going to dedicate an entire gushy paragraph to Noah Shaw just because this boy deserves it! Seriously! Mara is the luckiest fracking girl in the world to get a guy like him. Number on, he's loyal, insanely loyal. So much so that even when Mara tries to shrug him off (for reasons which will be explained when you read the book), he says that he will stay by her side and no matter what consequences are thrown at them. He always stands by Mara and is there when she needs him. Number two, although he may not seem it at first glance, he is actually extremely sweet and kind. Meaning, romantic dinner dates, security guards, 24/7 availability, and just...ARGH! Perfect I say! LOL. Number three, HE. IS. FUNNY. WITTY. AND A COMPLETE HEART-STOPPER (Ok, that might've been more than three things, but who's counting?). Without him, this book would not have been complete in the least.

Overall, the plot-line was crazy, twisted, unexpected, and a hell of a marvelous ride. Pieces of information were thrown at you one after another and sometimes, even though it was hard to keep up with, Miss Hodkin made it possible. There was drama, intrigue, action, craziness (which I will keep repeating because this will never stopping recurring when it comes to Mara Dyer books), humor, and an amazing romance. I'd love to go back in time to experience this journey once again.

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50.0% "SO GOOOD. SO SO SO GOOD!!! Although, this book still makes me confused as to what the hell is going on, just like the first XD"
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Emily I got this with finale and can't wait to dive into it, BUT I can't because I'm too busy with Patch ;)

message 2: by SavageGrace (new) - added it

SavageGrace She best fix that ending, right? LOL Seriously though - what happened to a certain someone at the end better be fixed! I cried, so hard... so. not. right! 0_0

Emily SavageGrace wrote: "She best fix that ending, right? LOL Seriously though - what happened to a certain someone at the end better be fixed! I cried, so hard... so. not. right! 0_0"

Oh my god! me too, WTH kind of ending is that?!!!

ɯɐɔ I started crying at the ending. In public. With tons of other people around me.

Why, Michelle, WHYYYYY?!

*stupid cliffhangers*

Sarah Marie That ending! I couldn't handle it. Fingers crossed that it's all just lies.


Sarah Marie You and me both. Especially the kind like I experienced with this book. I've never cried over a cliffhanger before but I did this time. I actually screamed and throwing a fit over it. My mom was like "Chill, Sarah. It's just a book." How can she say that? This book messed me up.

Caitlin Jakes Did you notice when it was saying all the people had died and had like abilities it had C.L. and said that the person had an ability. Mara knew the J.L. was Jude, so couldn't C.L. mean Claire????

message 9: by Sammy (new)

Sammy To be honest I think the certain someone we all cried for in the end isn't really dead considering SPOILER!!!!!

He told mara that he had tried to kill himself before and it never worked so why would it work now. I think Kells is just trying to get a rise out of Mara.
Also, I don't think Mara killed Claire and Rachel. mara wanted Jude to die so I think the building came down and it killed Jude but since Jude had to take other peoples lives to heal himself (like he did to that cop while he was making mara cut herself) maybe Jude was actually the one who killed Claire and Rachel and he's just in denial about it... I really had to get that off my chest haha

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