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The Ragged Edge of Night by Olivia Hawker
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This was one of the greatest stories I have ever read and truly deserves five stars for the content of the story. The one star comes from the highly disappointing historical notes left by the author. She claims the event of the election of 2016 in America caused her to be moved to write this book. I can tell you as I read this book I saw similarities not to the victor of 2016 but to the loser. The author claims to be an historian and writes historical books. May I present some history, Hitler and the SS took weapons away from the German citizenry, and after doing such they started to take control. The content of the story mentions this fact, but the author has failed to realize that the losing party and candidate of 2016 wanted and wants to do the same thing to the American people, not the current victor of 2016. Secondly, Hitler and the SS in order to rule took away many forms of print news and material that could report the truth of the evil of Hitler. The losing party and candidate of 2016 has already chosen to take and repeal 1st Amendment rights by seeking to only give one viewpoint of ideology, not the current victor of 2016, who calls out the bias in the print and news media. This point was represented well by story written by the author but she fails to see the same direction being taken in America and not with the current administration.

Then to mention events that occurred in Charlottesville, VA was the last straw. The fact is we live in a nation that allows free speech and protest. In order to exercise some of these rights we have to apply for permits when in large groups. One group had applied and been denied, courts determined that their civil rights were being violated and had to allow them to protest peacefully. Another group came along and did not have permits and were allowed to precipitate friction which in turn caused the needless taking the life of one individual. The author fails to mention many violations of civility in our country by folks who call themselves antifa, which is just the opposite of what they are, they are the fascists that would be like the Nazi's and SS of the days of Germany written about in this book.

I think the author should seek to really learn how to apply history and also be able to apply real current events appropriately. I really wish I had not seen the ignorance in that one bit of this book, having lived in Germany and travelled in the Stuttgart area and seeing left over elements of that time in history, I felt the beauty of the German people and how they overcame a despotic being from taking all their freedoms away. We have freedoms today because the people in America made the right choice in 2016, and if the other party continues in it's non liberal ways, the right choice will be around for years to come.
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message 1: by Anne (new) - rated it 1 star

Anne Fallon thank all of your for pointing out the reason for the authors writing of the book. I will not read it now.

message 2: by Michael Charles Yett (last edited Jan 04, 2019 11:45PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Michael Charles Yett Anne...I picked up the book on one of the free choices with Amazon Prime. The book is actually a very good read, the story will keep you interested throughout the story. I was just blown away when the author in her historical notes totally missed the value of her story by relating it to some current political nonsense. I am a read from cover to cover reader and wished I hadn't of read that portion of the book. I gave it one star for that but I would have given it a 5 star rating and still would, just for the story. I hope that helps.

Rebecca Brown Agree. Good read. Won't read another from this author. Thank you Michael for further articulating why Noone needs to bother reading this book.

Emily Thank you Michael for perfectly stating how I felt and why I gave it a one star rating as well.

message 5: by Lisa (new)

Lisa G I'm glad I read reviews before I purchase a book. Thank you.

Annabelle I wish I could downvote or hit a "dislike" button. The author does not compare the Republican party to the Nazis but she does draw parallels to some of the underlying but pervasive feelings by some Americans that are racist, elitist and fear other cultures .

Michael Charles Yett She wrote this book, according to her, inspired by the events of the election results of 2016. So if you read the book you see it is set during WWII, involves Hitler's Germany, the SS and the Nazis. I personally don't see how someone could not make that connection to her statement in her authors notes. You only gave the book 3 stars without regard to the authors unfortunate and ill advised comments about the election night of 2016, I would have given her 5 stars. So why did you hold back 2 stars. These Americans you refer to are from all walks of life in America and it's not in line with their political biases. I don't affiliate with the two party system, I can vote either way, trust me, the current President is doing what should be done for the country, a whole lot of false crap is being brought forth without any truth behind it. That being said, to see the wrong in things is not hatred or even fear of them. So thank you for your down vote and duly noted. The truth stands on it's own and truth always wins. Have a nice day.

message 8: by pauladejong (new) - added it

pauladejong I must be one of the few who actually agree with her reason for writing this book . The possibility of us
going down the wrong path is on my mind especially as so many bigots (for want of a better word) seem to have surfaced since 2016

Michael Charles Yett Paula...the bigotry as far as I can see is on the liberal side of the isle. You read and hear more stories of folks these days being attacked on a regular basis for bearing their conservative view and dare to support our President by wearing a MAGA hat. A saying that was spouted also by President Bill Clinton. The truth is right now if we were under a Clinton Presidency, we would not be as financially stable, possibly have our second amendments rights removed, have our first amendment rights stripped away as most liberals are doing this day, kill more babies before they have a chance at life and then next would come the unviable senior citizens and who knows where it would go from there. Our current President has done more to advance this country since I have been alive and helped to bring the Supreme Court back to some sense. I am going through my 12th President at this point, I have never seen a President go under so much attack from left wing news media and politicians, for no reason at all, than the fact that he clearly beat a person who would and still is trying to bring us down the path the same as Hitler did in the 1930's. The story is great on it's own basis, the author is confused and incorrect with her assessment of the events she claims prompted her and anyone who agrees with her. Have a nice day.

message 10: by pauladejong (new) - added it

pauladejong Thanks for your comment Michael and I respectfully disagree with most of it. That is your right and also mine.

Michael Charles Yett Sho nuff. It's all opinion till it comes to my front door, then it's all too real.

Susan Is there a way to block someone so you don’t have to see heir reviews?

Michael Charles Yett I don't know Susan. I have never done it, nor would I unless it was just vulgar. Hope you figure it out.

Susan So you would give the book a 5, call it the best book you've ever read but because you don't like her politics, then the book gets a 1?? Really? I thought we were supposed to review books based on - oh let's get wild here - the book itself.

Michael Charles Yett Susan, please understand that books need authors, and when authors decide to put up why they wrote a book and the content of the book is totally askew to the reason why they wrote the story, one like me must take note.

Really if she wants to consider herself a historian, in my opinion, she needs to remove her biased and unmerited reason, and stick to historical facts based on evidence. Her opinion that she chose to place into the content of the book deserves a 1 star rating and because she is the author that's why I rated it that.

Now without the misguided and totally unnecessary authors note the book and story would get a 5 from me. She should have left her nonsense out. Thanks for sharing and have a nice day.

message 16: by Sandra (new)

Sandra Michael Charles Yett, you are spot on. My thoughts exactly. I actually saw the analogies to what is happening with the increase in 'interest' in Socialism in our country right now - a complete turn-around from what the author pointed out as her reason for writing this book: the election of 2016, and particularly the terrible incidents in Charlottesville.

message 17: by Libbie Hawker (new)

Libbie Hawker (L.M. Ironside) Michael, what on earth made you believe I consider myself a historian? I'm a novelist. Novelists write fiction.

Michael Charles Yett Hi Libbie, what made me believe you considered yourself a historian were the comments you made. You mentioned the word history several times and professed the research of history. You say the story was related to historical events that actually occurred. Unless your history is fiction as well as fiction is fiction, please, I don't understand, call me confused.

In my world I resist that which is evil, not all that is bad and have the ability to see the good over it with reason. I admit, having lived in Germany and travelled through the Stuttgart area, your story brought back memories. I spoke with many folks over there, some that had lived through that time, some who still deny the evil, and others who just wanted to see it all go away, and nothing they related to me even comes close to our present society and it's government. You have to go back a hundred years or more and we self corrected that evil. Have a nice day.

Laurie Spencer Well said, Michael! The left wants to strip us of our 1st and 2nd amendment rights, just like Hitler!

Colleen    Chi-Girl OMG, once again, her politics shouldn't have anything to do with her ability to pen a good story or your review. I haven't read it, but find it astounding that a novel is given a 1 star for her politics.

Michael Charles Yett Colleen, perhaps her politics wouldn't have come into play if she hadn't have commented that the events of an election prompted her to write the story.

The story is a good story because it has nothing to do with what she said prompted her. In fact the contents of her story totally contradict what happened on the election in the United States that day.

Trust me, if I was not one who reads from cover to cover it wouldn't have been an issue. She could apologize for the comment and make it public and perhaps I would give the story the appropriate 4 or 5 star I may have given it. As far as my review it stands on it's own merit and until recently I found out I was not the only one with this view.

Once again the 1 star was not for her politics it was on the content of the book which so happened to include her inane remarks.

Have a great day.

message 22: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer This is not the first time that I have seen this author respond to a reviewer about a negative review. Whether you like her politics or her books, or not, that’s not ok.

Michael Charles Yett I don't mind her having an opinion or a defense. I can dialogue with anyone. I actually thought she had stated that she was an historian but that was not actually what was stated it was more implied. I try to be fair and my review was based on the entire content of the book. I simply would recommend it without the authors comments but as it stands I would not recommend it. Problem is for me there seem to be a lot of books promoted with liberal authors, and I have read some, although I would like to see more suggestions to read from conservative minded authors.

message 24: by Meri-Lyn (new)

Meri-Lyn Michael, thanks for your honest review. You’ve helped me save my valuable time as I’m not at all interested in supporting authors who don’t really understand Hitler and Naziism and choose to claim the current administration is like that.

message 25: by Megan (new) - added it

Megan Coward Nicely done, Michael

message 26: by Daphne (new) - added it

Daphne I am so glad I read Michael’s review and the comments of others before I marked this book as “want to read”. I in no way want to read a leftest pushing their political agenda. Thank you Michael.

message 27: by Gina (new)

Gina Evans Thanks for the review. I will take off my list also. Political views aside...to compare the current administration to Hitler and his administration is absurd.

message 28: by Joanne (new)

Joanne Coburn Well said Michael. So tired of Hollyweird and media's propaganda. 38 straight weeks of yellow vest riots in France and no mention of it, however, they're all over Russian and Hong Kong riots. Antifa has committed many assaults and vandalism, but no mention of it. They preach acceptance and tolerance yet they have none. The list goes on and on. Thank you for review, I will not be reading this one.

message 29: by Rob (new) - added it

Rob Chmara “Love the book, don’t love the author’s politics, therefore I don’t love the book.”

Makes sense 🙄

message 30: by Kassi (new)

Kassi Makes me SICK that Republican and Russian propaganda has infiltrated GoodReads!

message 31: by Elizabeth (new) - added it

Elizabeth Great point! It does seem better to rate a singular creative achievement based on that persons political views alone.

message 32: by Meryl (new) - added it

Meryl Thank you for this review. I now can’t wait to read it! And what a bunch of sheep in this comment section!

message 33: by Barby (new) - added it

Barby Beard I agree with Meryl!

message 34: by Theresa (new) - added it

Theresa Spera Wow the sheeple following in this review is strong..and sad. So touchy aren’t you when your fragile and myopic paradigm that supports your insular belief structure is challenged. (Downloading book now)

Alison Peterson Wish I had read your review and a few others before reading this book. I felt the politicization and exploitation from page one. This author seems quite immature in her views. Can we not escape politics? I go between audible and book version and the audible on this one was terrible. Especially the author’s comments.

message 36: by Gigi (new)

Gigi Brightwell Not going to read.

message 37: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Harkins Well, just picked up this book on Amazon Kindle.. now I'm doubting if I should read it. Reading should be an escape from politics and every day life.. I'll probably still read it and skip the part about politics and the 2016 election

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