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Lover Enshrined by J.R. Ward
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Jan 06, 2012

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"He was sick to fucking death of everything, including himself."

Oh, Phury! He is so blind to how amazing he is. Sure he's going a bit off the deep end lately, and is in a constant drug haze, but at his core he is the most selfless of the Brothers. I really enjoyed learning about his past. We did get some of it in Zsadist's book, but here we go more in depth. He's been plagued with the knowledge that he's the "evil twin," having been born second. A single live birth among vampires is a miracle, so twins? Well it should be considered a blessing, but Phury is cursed by "the wizard." I found this a little strange at first, but reading what "the wizrd" plants in Phury's mind certainly explained his irrational behavior.

Lover Enshrined is a lot slower and lot more detailed than the previous books. There's less focus on the romance this time around, as we're following a lot more characters than usual: Phury, Cormia, John, Quinn, Blay, Xhex, Rehv, Mr. D, Lash, the Omega, and an unidentified male vampire!

This book also marks the return of a Lessening Society plot, which dominates the book. There is a total shock that I was not expecting at all. Ward certainly knows how to keep the plot fresh and intriguing! But the promotion of a new Fore-lesser means more trouble for the Brotherhood. The lessers have infiltrated the vampire world, and the casualties are piling up. It might be too much for the Brothers to handle.

So much happens in such a short period of time in this book. It's very different than the previous books, so it'll probably be a hit or miss for fans of the series. I enjoyed it, but it was also frustrating to get through. Ultimately, it felt like a filler book. There's a lot of changes happening within the Brotherhood, the Other Side, and vampire society in general that take place here. It was a bit overwhelming, but I'm excited to see where all of these plotlines go.

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