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Star Trek III by Vonda N. McIntyre
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Jan 06, 2012

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Recommended for: people who had questions about the movie

*3 Stars* -though this is one of fav movies in the franchise

*The Gush...and the Rant too apparently*
I finished this days ago and have moved on to other books, so this will not be very extensive. I found the book...adequate. I really thought I'd enjoy it because it is one of my favorite movies but I enjoyed the book of the Motion Picture (which I hated) a 1000 times more. Maybe because the novel of the first movie answered questions and this one just gave me new ones. The only thing that I liked about the book was that it proved my long held supposition that David and Saavik had at 'thing'. It was in all the body language of the actors (though none of the dialogue) but I thought I had simply read things into it. Turns out I was right. Point for me.

But the whole Carol and Kirk thing? Their body language in the 2nd movie went completely against this idea and I found myself completely steamed. It was obvious Kirk no longer saw as anything but an old flame...and the woman who had concealed his son from him. He held affection for her, but no love and even James T. Kirk could figure that one out.

The whole McCoy/Spock's Katra thing was never really dealt with beyond what was in the movie. Kirk's meeting with Sarek, however went a long way to giving this story the rating it holds (i was going to give it a 1.5 to 2). I love Mark Lenard as Sarek almost more than Nimoy as Spock (almost being the key word) and anything with him automatically raises the book/movie/episode in my mind. Both the scenes on earth before Kirk and his accomplices mutiny and the one on Vulcan are wonderful.

The details added concerning the Klingons were also good, adding to our understanding of why things happened as they did in the movie as well as explaining the weird puppet 'thing' the commander was so found of. The Klingon commander (I can't keep Klingon names straight, except for Worf...Krag...maybe?) was fleshed out and this aided greatly in understanding Christopher Lloyd's excellent performance -KRUGE! That was his name!

So, the parts that were great were...wonderful but sadly highlighted how blah the book on a whole was.

Nothing much else to say so....on to the:

If you've watched the movie and had questions, read the book. I, however, know for a fact that there are better Star Trek novels out there.

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