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Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James
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Anastasia is about to graduate from college when she meets, Christian Grey, for an interview for the campus magazine. With the interview not going so well, she wants to forget the entire experience of the interview, as she finds Christian intimidating. Moving on, Christian shows up to her place of work, thus, starting a tumultuous relationship between both her and Christian.


This story was definitely a rollercoaster ride with each character, which made me feel annoyed at times, drained and weary, but oddly enough, I stilled enjoyed it. The moment both characters met, there was this odd, very intense, and unknown chemistry. Although Ana is twenty one, at times you forget that she was twenty one and at others you remember her maturity level. Being so innocent and getting to know Christian was very telling for her and brought her into his world that she viewed as dark. I have to say, Christian, did annoy me a bit throughout the story, as I viewed him as a jig saw puzzle; he was very hard to figure out. However, I knew that to be apart of his characteristics. I feel if a book personally is affecting you with some form of emotion, then the author achieves what he or she is conveying with either character and what they’re feeling. And I think Ana, felt as frustrated as I did trying to understand Christian Grey. Either way, both Ana and Christian meshed well together. It was also exciting seeing Ana journey into the world of BDSM as Christian pushes her further to what he knows.

I did enjoy the emails but they felt a bit much at times, and I also enjoyed reading the contract and rules. The author definitely made you feel apart of the story. I fell in love a bit with the secondary characters, Kate, Ana’s best friend and Elliot, Christian’s brother. Although I know the story isn’t about them, I wanted to read more about the characters and relationship.

And as for the intimacy level, it was constant, but it was also pleasurable with its kinkiness, along with the things that were done. I viewed Christian and Ana’s physical chemistry to be that additional character to the story line. I look forward to the next two installment of this trilogy.

Story: FAIR to GOOD
Intimacy: D.R.I.P (Don’t Read In Public) w/ added SPICE & KINKINESS
Enjoyment: GOOD

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