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Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Jun 30, 2007

it was ok
bookshelves: romance
Read in June, 2007

This book was engaging in the way one watches a crash in slow motion on the news. You can't look away. Anita Blake is not a nice woman, she's a scared woman. Her dialogue is frequently mean-spirited and more blunt than is probably wise. Then what do you expect of a woman who works with the dead? A likeable personality? There's a reason she avoids live people.
The plot, while barely making sense, barrels along dragging Anita into one desperate situation after another, sometimes stopping long enough for some character background that is supposed to humanize her, for example Anita Blake likes penguins. Whoopie, a weakness.
In one scene Anita comes to the conclusion that all the vampires that have died have also attended freak sex parties. She asks an acquaintance if would know the names of the vampires who attended. Instead he invites her to attend one with him even though he hasn't been on the scene for months. For some reason, even though she has no intention of playing along and it's obviously (to the reader) a trap she goes and makes a complete scene thus fooling no one, falls into another bad situation with the guy who is obviously the killer (although that is dragged out until the end) who she helps for some perverse reason. This when the trap is sprung, it all comes to naught. It is stated she is meant to be there for some reason, the acquaintance was supposed to bring her there. And what is it? To have the shit scared out of her and her life threatened by the same person who wants her to accomplish something she has already agreed to do under duress! Big waste of time, they didn't have to go to the suburbs for that and they've already done this twice before! The whole thing was just an excuse for her and the acquaintance to get "closer" so I suppose she has a reason to feel bad when he tragically dies.
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Kristin This sums up how I felt about the book pretty well and I gave it two stars as well. Instead of just rehashing I shall use your review. This book seemed very convoluted and not very well mapped out. It seems like the author just did not have a hold on where she was going with the story from the beginning. A disappointment as this book got such good press.

Raven Thank Gawd that people don't depend on reviews like yours on whether or not to continue writing. The world does not revolve around Anne Rice and Never Will.

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