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The Queen's Rising by Rebecca   Ross
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3.5 Stars. What a great debut novel from Rebecca Ross! Despite not being full of my usual action I really enjoyed this book. It was super easy to sink into the world building. The story itself had a great ebb and flow and I felt that the characters themselves had great depth of emotion and were for the most part really well rounded. The only downside for me was that the plot itself had a pretty obvious line and it really didn't defer from that line too often. For example, in the story when a character makes a plan of action... despite multiple holes in said plan, everything seems to go "according to plan" for the most part. I think that if it had more twists, turns, and deviations from the plan this book could have been epic.

Brienna, our FMC, born on the wrong side of the blanket to a noble family in Valenia, is taken at the age of 10 to Magnolia House, a renown school for girls where they learn and master a specific subject called a "passion" and become "impassioned" at the age of 17 years, where then you take a final "test" to prove you are a master and are picked up and sponsored by a patron. As far as I can tell it ends up being like an apprenticeship. Very interesting concept here that I think the author really could have gone into much more with backstory and purpose of these passions. I was really confused at first thinking they were being trained as mistresses or concubines but that turned out not to be the case. Brienna's grandfather gets her accepted into Magnolia House despite their rigid entrance criteria for talent in a passion by explaining her parentage, and the uniqueness of her dual citizenship with the neighboring queendom with Maevana. Brienna herself is completely in the dark about her paternal side other than the queendom itself and everyone refuses to tell her about. She knows however she has "no" talent and she spends the next 7 years hopping from one passion to the next until all that is left is the passion of knowledge and only 3 years left to master it. On her Brienna's impassion day things don't go as planned for her, not to mention she all of a sudden keeps having "visions" about a time, place and people she shouldn't even know about. These "memories" and her longing to know her parental history puts her on a dangerous path of lies and intrigue and a coop for the Maevana crown.

I really loved Brienna she was just the type of noble, honorable, and loyal heroine that I love to read about. You can see her strength of character from very early on in the book. I also found it really interesting that though she has some strong insecurities about her "worth" and her strength with her passion of knowledge since she thinks it was a last resort, she really took to the passion and embodied what I felt a student of knowledge would. She was intensely curious and pondered and thought out one problem after the next until she reached a solution.

I am a tad confused as to how this book is part of a series and how that is going to play out since we seem to have come to a great end point for a stand alone itself...Maybe more stories from the world itself? I'll definitely keep an eye out for more from this author!

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