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Sauntering Vaguely Downward by Nessa L. Warin
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Jan 05, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: erotica, m-m

Reviewed By: Marissa
Review Copy Provided By: ARC Net Galley
I’ve never participated in anything even remotely similar to Dragon*Con so I wasn’t really sure about this book. The idea of a couple of sci-fi geeks coming together isn’t on my top ten. However, once I began reading, I couldn’t seem to put the reader down. Dragon*Con is merely a background for the fear and trepidation these men face as they confront their feelings for each other.

The conflict between Dylan and Brendan was at times amusing and at times heartbreaking. They are attracted to each other from first sight, but their first meeting ends up with each in a huff. Their second meeting goes a little bit better. They’ve apologized to each other for earlier and, since Brandon is a little drunk, he’s having problems getting undressed.

He’s with fellow geeks, anyway, and most of them are almost as smart as he is, if not smarter.

They’re all smarter than he is tonight. He’s pretty sure most of them can figure out how to take off their shoes.

Dylan flops back down on his bed, lying the right way this time, and rolls onto his side to look at Brendan, who has lifted his feet into the air and is again tugging at his shoes. “You all right, man?”

Brendan turns his head to the side and grins. He likes this kinder Dylan much better than the one who met him earlier today. “My shoes are stuck on my feet.” He tugs ineffectively on the shoelaces again, but they simply dangle down over his face.


It’s not long before their differences don’t seem to matter so much and the arguments become moments of passion. But the passion is also broken up by periods of doubt – How can I feel this way when we’ve only known each other for a few days? Does he feel the same way I do? Is this just a Dragon*Con fling for him? What if he says this is real but when we go home I never hear from him again?

While Dylan and Brendan do have their differences, more often than not they share the same thoughts and ideas. A very sweet moment comes when they both create similar gifts for each other before leaving Dragon*Con.

And the sex? It manages to range from sloppy first kisses (where costume makeup is smeared everywhere) to passionate, hot and steamy (where sheets need to be changed daily). Very well written scenes that brought me into the room and had me sweating right along with Dylan and Brendan.

The idea of two diverse people propelled together by a love of one thing is nothing new, but it is intriguing and I’m happy I had the opportunity to read Sauntering Vaguely Downward. Of all romance novels I’ve read over the years, this could possibly be the most probable of actually occurring. (In fact, the author’s note states that, while this is a work of fiction, most of the events really did happen. Which events, she doesn’t reference.)

I only wish the author had explained their screen names - binkysrider719 and dontbelieve31. While they might be obvious to scif-fi fans, I have no idea what they mean and am more than a little curious.

Favorite Quote:“So you’re really planning on keeping me, then?”

“As long as I can manage it.”

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