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Perfect by Ellen Hopkins
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Jan 04, 2012

really liked it
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Rhyanne Lynch
January 23, 2012
Period 2
“Perfect” Review
Sex. Sexuality. Deprivation. Desperation. Abuse. Abandonment. The pursute of complete and udder perfection is a very messy one with many turns and tricks. Hopkins positively describes the true emotions and feelings of confused individuals and explaining perfect as an expectation you hold to yourself, not one someone holds for you. The saying “Went looking for perfection, got lost.” comes to mind when reading Ellen Hopkins enthralling book, “Perfect”. in her book, Hopkins does a great job of explaining the thought process of a confused, unappreciated teenager.

Many people go searching for perfection, and in that frantic search completely loose themselves. This happens to be the case for Kendra, who’s light blond hair and crystal blue eyes have gotten her everywhere she’s wanted to go, so far. Competing in beauty pageants since she was a little girl, she has always been aware of the way she looks; but her mirror no longer suits her expectations. Too fat at 5”10 and 120 pounds, Kendra is constantly dieting (a.k.a not eating).

Cara to all of her friends at school, is the popular “it” girl. With a great body, pretty face, and hot boyfriend, you would think she had everything. But she would argue she has the exact opposite. Never really understanding what love is has frusturated her her entire life- having a boyfriend who “loves you” can only mean so much to a girl who was raised by a mother who never even smiled in her direction; a cold woman with no compassion for anyone, only selfishness. As if these challenges aren’t enough for one girl to handle, Cara is faced with another when meeting an amazing girl and begins to question her sexual preferences.

Sean has got it all- a pretty girlfriend, Cara, who he loves, nice guardians, and since starting steroids, an awesome bod. But without realizing, Sean’s life had actually begun to spiral. Cara was distant and hanging out with a girl more than him, his uncle kept saying he was worried about him, and he began needing more and more steroids to keep up with his expectations.

Andre, an extremely wealthy black guy, has the whole world going for him. Connections to all colleges, creativity, smarts, and experienced. But what he really wants in life is to not be a banker, or a doctor, politician, or a broker, but an artist. Andre must decide whether to follow his dreams and face his parents, or do as he’s been told.

Though none of these teenagers had very similar lives, they all learned important life lessons in what the true definition of perfect is- perfect through their own eyes and no one else’s.
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Samakosky Thanks for some authenticity Rhynanne. Glad to see some genuine reflection.

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