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it was amazing

** spoiler alert ** Wow! H2O is a powerful novel. It is the first of a series called The Eternal Elements by Austin Boyd and Brandon Hollingsworth. Kate, a high powered executive, begins to have visions whenever water touches her. Her boyfriend, Xavier, who is also her boss, begins to question if she is loyal to him. It seems as though she has these visions whenever there is a big event involving work. Kate is estranged from her parents and has only one friend. There is no one she can turn to and Xavier does not care whether she is okay or not, only that she is available to help him look good at work. What is it about these visions? Why does water set off the visions?

H2O reminds me of the novel, God on a Harley by Joan Brady. Both deal with the love of Jesus in our lives. Both tell of the love Jesus has for us and the acceptance He has for us. Each novel takes a different path to show us that love. H2O shows us through Kate’s visions. Kate has to lose everything that she always placed her faith and trust in to find what is truly important in life.

H2O is not my usual type of novel but I am so glad I read it. The story is so well told that I could not put it down and read it in one sitting. There are many layers to H2O. At first it felt like a romance with Kate and Xavier and their relationship. Kate seems like a smart woman and I could not figure out why she stayed with Xavier. He was a regular SOB. There was no emotional connection between them. It has died and we are watching the burial of it. I had the feeling that Kate felt she deserved no better and that she was being punished for her past. This is when she begins to have the visions. She was at the end of her rope and needed something to help her to tie a knot at the end of that rope and hang on. She has virtually no support system. She has one friend, Andrea, from work. Andrea tries to get Xavier to notice that Kate is ill but Xavier is blind to Kate’s needs. Andrea’s boyfriend, Justus, asks Kate what women want. She begins to think about it and realizes Xavier is not giving it to her--love, support, caring. Hiram, the owner of ISIP coffee shop, supports her. He is also a computer geek and tells her to set up a spider network to learn about her “illness.” He helps her a lot.

H2O then felt like a novel of discovery. Kate begins to find support and love in her world. Xavier does not provide these things. Because of the estrangement with her parents Kate does not allow them to support her nor does she share what is happening to her. But people that Kate never knew or noticed before come into her life and leave impressions upon her. Hiram often hires special needs people to work in his coffee shop. Candice is one of them. Candice opens her heart to Kate and when Kate really looks at Candice she sees love for her there. Candice never says much but she repeats the message, “Jesus can heal you.” Kate also meets Liam, an 8-year old boy, when she goes to lay flowers at the foot of the fisherman statue in memory of her grandfather. Meeting Liam causes Kate to think more about her grandfather and the things he taught her. Liam and his family accept her into their world. When she is with Liam she forgets the high powered world she came from.

H2O was also a novel of inspiration. Kate’s visions all involve water. She is either in it or is the water. As I read I would remember the Bible story (both from New and Old Testaments) and try to send thoughts to Kate as to which story it was and what happened. She never heard me. While Kate would remember the vision she did not make any connections that the stories had come from the Bible. She focused on the Radiant One, the man in white, the voice she heard but the face she could never see. She always remembered the peace emanating from him.

H2O then becomes a novel of growth. Kate eventually loses her job and hits bottom. She sits at ISIP on the free WI-FI drinking coffee most days. She then meets someone on-line and begins a friendship. As she begins to divulge her problems the person listens and has answers but Kate pushes the answers away. The person stays with her, honoring her request not to bring religion into their relationship. In order not to have the visions Kate stops doing anything with water. She truly wallows in filth until the day her toilet backs up and she has to call a plumber. When the plumber comes she is surprised by the fact that he does not look at her condo or her person in disgust. This is when Kate knows she needs to change her life. She takes small steps and meets a man whose non-judgment and unconditional love helps her to accept her visions and the lessons in them.

There are many more things that could be shared from H2O. This is a novel that needs to be read more than once. Each time something new will be discovered within these pages.
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message 1: by Brannon (new) - added it

Brannon Hollingsworth Shelia, thank you for your lovely review!! I am stoked at the comparisons you made and humbled by your comments...thank you thank you thank you! :D

Sandra Great review. I have this on my TBR and I'm looking forward to it even more after this. :)

message 3: by Brannon (new) - added it

Brannon Hollingsworth Sandra wrote: "Great review. I have this on my TBR and I'm looking forward to it even more after this. :)"

WOO HOO! Very glad to hear it, Sandra! Did you get the copy I sent you?

Sandra yep, I got it. :)

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Brannon Hollingsworth Sandra wrote: "yep, I got it. :)"

Yea! :D

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