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The Warlord of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs
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Jan 04, 2012

liked it

Much better than #2 and a fine end to the Barsoom Trilogy. A much quicker read than book two. Still didn't capture the magic of the first but I am glad I kept with it and finished. John Carter is his usual swashbuckling invincible self and this time he must rescue his wife from evil kidnappers (the two empires he destroyed in book 2). Nice little travelog as he tracks them across Mars, and it ties up all the loose ends - although maybe a little too neatly as John Carter always seems to find the one rebel with the heart of gold who becomes his ally, but then again we're reading a pulp fiction serial from the turn of the century here not the high point in literature.

Love Burroughs first person narrative and vivid imagination. Fascinating to see the major movies which have ripped off the action sequences from this series (Raiders of the Lost Ark's, room full of snakes was definitely lifted from John Carter).

I especially recommend the first book even if you don't enjoy science fiction it is the first and best example of planetary romance / pulp fiction.

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