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Don't Expect Magic by Kathy McCullough
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Jan 03, 2012

it was amazing
Read from December 30, 2011 to January 02, 2012

Delaney Collins is a very ‘cool’ chick; she has been for a good, long time. However, when readers first meet up with her she is having beyond a bad day. This is a girl who buys second-hand boots and refurbishes them to make them look beyond awesome. She loves clothes - the dark, weird type - and she and her best friend were even looking at doing a line of clothing called, “Shredded Death.” That was until her Mom, a nurse, became the patient, and was taken away from her far too soon.

Now Delaney is on a plane flying across the country to live with a father she has barely ever seen. His name is Dr. Hank, one of those ‘life coach’ gurus that writes books (Luck is For Losers), and stands up on stages across the country with a fake smile plastered on his face promising people that he can solve all their problems, as long as they give him a lot of cash.

Delaney wants nothing more than to stay in Jersey and live with her best friend, Posh. Instead, the law stuck her with this guy, and she is sitting on a plane with a little girl who is the ultimate fairy-tale princess bugging the bejeezus out of her the entire flight.

When she meets up with her father, he’s just like she remembers as he drives her to a house in a “Stepford-type” neighborhood. The house seems almost empty, and her father explains that he travels a lot and isn’t home much. In fact, two minutes after Delaney gets there he has to run out to deal with one of his “clients.”

When she gets to school Delaney soon finds out that she is in the laid-back world of pep-rallies and pastels - not a real Goth in sight. She does meet Flynn, a boy who likes his camera and becomes her lab partner, not to mention one of the only people who remotely seems normal. Cadie is the supermodel of the teens, and her perky friend, Mia, is the sweet annoying one who always seems to start a sentence with: Like, you know.

But what Delaney soon figures out is that first impressions are very misleading - especially when it comes to her father. Seems that a life coach is a cover for something far more interesting and his “supernatural” gifts have apparently showed up in Delaney’s DNA.

This is a fantastically fun tale that teaches readers if you want to ‘change’ something, change it on the inside, then the rest of the world will look a whole lot better. This is one you will not forget!

Until Next Time, Everybody.

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