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I Am Muslim by Dina Zaman
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Jun 26, 2008

really liked it
bookshelves: read-2006-2007, asean, non-fiction, religion-spirituality

This book revolves around the writer's self journey in discovering Islam & strengthening her faith. As she struggles with herself, and her soul searching, Dina wrote about reflections of Malay Muslims' community. She started her writings with thought provoking writings but she hit the nail right, and her writings seemed like true reflections of our daily life.

There are many issues that Dina dealt with, for example, some Muslims who don headscarf, just out of custom or tradition, but if asked, they don't know the true reason why God give directives for woman to don headscarf and properly attire themselves. Other issues include taboo ones, such as sex out of wedlock, a story about a girl who tries her best to become a good Muslimah despite the fact that she felt confused indeed cause she has inclination towards other women and about Muslims who live oversea, who couldn't care less about reciting al-Fatihah

In this book, Dina even quote Quranic verses & Hadith. She didn't manipulate the verses, in fact she left it as it is, with some explanation, I think much more for non-Muslims to understand what Islam is all about. Dina also became sort of missionaries by explaining the five pillars of Islam, Rukun Iman, even stories such as Israk Mikraj experienced by our beloved Prophet, Nabi Muhammad SAW.

In her quest, she also had written regarding some women who wanted to don headscarf very much, but still have their doubts, as they are afraid to become someone, who wear head scarves, but do not practice Islam's way of life. Dina even told stories about Muslims who believe in others than God, and rediscovering Islam in one of the best way, in Jakarta, instead in KL/Malaysia.

She writes with a dose of humour, which made it entertaining enough to read. In fact, I was unable to put it down when I first read it. I am familiar to Dina's writings when I was still in school, and I expected her book to be as much as entertaining as her usual pursuit, and she had proven herself that she's an excellent writer.

I think the writings are true view of Malays' life. Yes, Islam is perfect, syumul, but we the ummah, always have our own interpretations. A good read, but you need an open mind to read her book.
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