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The Lost Hours by Karen   White
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Jan 02, 2012

it was ok
Read on January 29, 2012

Really? Did Karen White lose her writing mojo or has it always been this painful and stumbling to read?

The kids are not written like real kids. What 8 year old talks like Lucy, all "my dreams! I dream to ride horsey so fast!" Well actually, that would be more accurate to what an 8 year old talks like. White's Lucy is more like a teenager.

I was so confused in the beginning with the timeframe of what was going on. Piper's accident took place when she was 6, but also 6 years ago? When she was 18? 12 years? What? It could have been made much clearer.

The story is painful. It's just. Awkward. It's written weirdly and I hate Piper. And Tucker is totally awful too. I hate all the characters. I like the backstory (hence 2 stars) but I hate the "current" story. Did you see how I kind of switched tenses there and it was awkward? I was channeling the novel, where it is only sometimes clear who is talking and the points of view switch randomly and irritatingly.

I'm not sure who dropped the ball here. Maybe I just grew up and became pickier, but I think this is White's worst novel out of what I've read. Humbug.

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message 1: by Dänica (new) - added it

Dänica This is exactly the reason I'm stumbling through this one right now. I couldn't have said it better myself. If this book had a proper editor I will eat my handbag. Awful writing style, but I am intrigued with the story so I'm continuing for the time being.

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