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Claiming the Highlander by Kinley MacGregor
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Jan 02, 2012

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** spoiler alert ** The MacAllister brothers... Sin, Lochlan, Ewan, Kieran, Braden, and I'm sure we'll have a story for each... Sin, half brother, oldest by a few months, mother an Englishwoman who wanted nothing to do with him so sent him to his father, and his father's wife wanted nothing to do with him either, and when King David wanted a son from each clan to raise in England to ensure peace, Sin was turned over - instead of Braden, the youngest (Braden still feels guilty about this), a warrior, friend of King Henry, rich, planner in a fight; Lochlan, the clan leader at his father's death, steady, wanting to do what is right; Ewan, biggest of them all, living as a monk in a cave after the treacherous woman he loved (that Kieran also loved) left them both for another rich man, strong, warrior, loyal; Kieran, committed suicide when the treacherous woman went to Ewan; and Braden, the peacemaker, kind hearted, will try and talk himself out of a fight, but will not back down from a fight, a warrior, a flirt, loves women (young, middle, old) and women love him, and women chase him, and catch him with enjoyable frequency, he decided to never trust a woman though when he saw his mother reject innocent Sin.

Maggie ingen Blar, youngest with 6 brothers, tough, independent, took over the house when her mother died, cannot think of a single faithful man - even her father, who strayed once, has loved Braden since young, Braden came over frequently to spend time with her brothers, and she looked for every way to catch his attention, there was a friendship of sorts, and though her brothers and all of the other boys/men teased her, criticized her, etc, Braden never did (though he did let a 12 year old Maggie believe that a dragon was after her), and Maggie loved him since she was 7, and he saved her from her twin, and gave her a toy horse... but adult Maggie knew she could not have him - he was too fickle, and wouldn't want plain her for always.

and Clan MacAllister is at war with Clan MacDouglas... because Robby macDouglas wants to kill Ewan, who he blames for the same treacherous woman leaving him... and both clans have lost good men... including two of Maggie's brothers... and the women are fed up, and Maggie leads the women (including the MacDouglas women) into withholding thier care (food, cleaning and sex) from their men until they agree to stop the fighting. The MacAllister women are holed up in the kirk, the MadDouglas women have taken over the castle...

And Braden and Sin return home to the mess... and the men have had enough, but do not see a way to stop the war... they are ready to storm the kirk and take their women, tying up Lochlan & Maggie's brothers... Braden gets them to agree to 4 days to let him negotiate... and Maggie decides to travel to MacDouglas and get him to agree to stop, a four day trip - and Braden and Sin decide to join her to protect her - all three knowing there is a good chance they will die.

And, of course, Braden and Maggie get close... there is attraction - both fight it for their own reasons... and bit by bit Maggie knows she will never love anyone but Braden, and the night before they are to confront macDouglas she decides she is likely to die, and she wants to share sex with Braden - and though innocent, she seduces and makes love to him... at this point Braden has had the opportunity to dally with another woman, but finds his body is not interested... and that his body does want Maggie... and that his heart wants Maggie - but he still cannot trust her, is still fearful of betrayal...

MacDouglas, not knowing they are MacAllisters, agrees to allow them to talk with the women - his wife recognizes Maggie (though dressed as a man) - Maggie believes that MacDouglas will understand his true feelings if faced with the loss of his wife (and give up his infactuation with the treacherous woman)... sothey come up with a plan to put into effect the next morning...

and that night, Maggie comes across Conner, a 7-year old boy, who asks her to take him to his father's people, the MacAllisters... he is a bastard, his mother died (after trying to go to the MacAllisters with him as an infant, but seeing her lover in the arms of another woman), his aunt is cruel to him - Maggie believes he must be Braden's son, and her heart goes out to him, seeinghow much he needs love... she feeds him, tells him he is going home to be with her, puts him to sleep, runs into Braden, and when she asks him if he wants children - he says no, still fighting his feelings of wanting her and a family - they have a night of passion, both thinking this is their last night -

Mrs. MacDouglas hides, they open the castle gates, MacDouglas is frantic when he is told his wife left the night before... and Maggie starts to call Mrs. out when her hiding place is on fire - and it seems too late to rescue her - then they realize that Sin is went in for her, and think him dead too... and MacDouglas starts to go for maggie, Braden steps into stop him... Sin comes out with Mrs... Braden feels guilty for choosing Maggie over Sin... and MacDouglas declares the fued over, and they will be MacAllister allies...

As Maggie gets ready to leave with little Conner, Sin talks logic into Braden, to go to Maggie and take a risk... Sin runs into Conner first, realizes he is likely his son... doesn't want to hurt Maggie with the knowledge - though he fully plans to take care of him... he sends Conner to hide, asks Maggie to marry him... Conner comes out, both are embarrassed to be caught out about Conner...Maggie introduces Braden as his father, but Conner tells them that Kieran was his father... hmmmm

2 months later, a wedding, with the MacDouglases in attendance... Conner is happy moving among the men, Maggie tells Braden she is pregnant
, and Braden gives her a gift - of dark green silk - something he told her she reminded him of before they had first kissed... hmmmmm

which brother will be next?

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