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Skylark by S.M. Carrière
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it was amazing

Full Disclosure: I've read an advanced copy.

Skylark, which I can finally talk about, is now probably one of my all time favorite Science Fiction novels. This is a statement that I think says a lot as it's a genre that I grew up with and have become very, very, picky with and in the past few years have stuck to Fantasy whether Urban or Classic as I was bored with most Science Fiction.

Trying to sum it up neatly with as little spoilers as possible may not be the easiest as it's best read through on its own, BUT, the writing was fantastic. Quoting what I've already told the author, "The characters felt real. Love 'em, hate 'em, they weren't 2D." From start to finish, even the smaller to the side characters, not even the secondary, felt "alive" and gave the world a bit more credence than simply being there to serve a point. This rings true the most for the main cast that I truly fell in love with as they were all far from perfect but amazing in each of their rights.

For the story itself, the author has managed to blend in several styles which all work together in order to carry the events from start to finish. While there's no denying that this is a Military SciFi, you get that small specialized squad approach that can tackle everything from "zombies" to "demons" and "bugs". I put quotations around those as if I were to explain? I would be spoiling. Point being though, that each of these moments helps understand the characters and their motivations while simultaneously having kept my attention to continue forward. Which as a game reviewer and constantly having a few of those on the go? I put them all down until I finished this book.

The part that surprised me the most was how well the author can write about sex. Lately it seems like it's either taboo in the "gloss over it all and pretend it happened" or "let's try to make this as graphic as possible and be bad while we do it". Skylark, is neither of these two. Like a lot of the rest of the novel, it fits into the overall events and does not feel rushed or tacked on as a "gratuity". Instead, it adds and like above, it makes you appreciate the characters all the more. It is their story after all.
*end of spoilers?*

The last thing that I'm going to say, is prepare to cry. A few times. "When S.M. Carrière isn't brutally killing your favourite characters, she ..." <- is as true as a statement that can be made. George R. R. Martin may kill people you like off but S.M. Carrirère will kill off the ones you love. You've been warned.

Skylark is an amazing Military Science Fiction thrill ride that had me rooted from start to finish. If you read one last book before the end of the year? I would definitely recommend this one!

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