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The Emerald Talisman by Brenda Pandos
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Jan 02, 2012

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This book, although was short, it was cute, mysterious and at times funny. The main character, Julia, is an empath. She can feel what other people are feeling. One night on her way home from work her car runs out of gas and her cell phone died. Julia decides it would be ok to take the short cut through the woods instead of following the road around. Although she has traveled these woods many times before, in the daylight, she finds her self getting scared at every little noise and movement. And thats when the feelings hit her. She knows someone is close and that someone is hungry. Scared, she runs off but trips over a tree root and falls over the edge of the cliff. Julia is able to catch hold of something sticking out of the ground so that she doesn't meet her fate at the bottom of the large drop. She calls for help but it seems like no one can hear her. She is in the middle of the woods at night after all. Just when she was starting to give up hope a boy peeks over the edge, tells her to hold on and walks away. Julia is scared for this boy and excited to see him. She can still feel those hungry feelings and can now hear the sounds of a battle. Afraid her savior won't be able to come back to rescue her when the boy, Nickolas , comes back and helps her down from the edge. When he sees that her ankle is sprained he carries her all the way to her house on his back. Julia questions Nickolas about what she had heard of the battle and who it was with and if he was ok. Nickolas tells her it was a mountian lion he had to fight off, but that everything is ok now. When they get to her house Nickolas promises to come back and check on her later, after her brother Luke takes her to the hospital to have it looks at.
Does Nickolas come back to see Julia? And what is a mountian lion doing in her home town? Or was it a mountian lion...
Read this book to get the amazing full story!

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