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Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
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Jan 01, 2012

it was amazing

Wowie. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. The biography's great. I wonder how much did Jobs influence the content despite reports to the contrary. I think I laughed, cried ,gasped and even threw the book against the wall (really ! I am behaving steve-ish) .5 stars. And the back cover is hot :P I think I stared at it for 20 minutes. Recommended.
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Swapnil this book is a piece of art ...i mean just the book.. the way it looks. A great design product like any other Apple product !! I have not started it yet but I am sure its going to be 'Insanely Great' !!!

Ayushi True.

message 6: by Grishma (last edited Jan 03, 2012 08:09PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Grishma Udani btw, I don't think Jobs influenced the content. This biography is way more critical of Jobs then some of his unauthorized biographies.

Ayushi Grishma, that's true, it's a bit too critical...
Like walter is perpetually taking his case. Even his good attributes have been designed to show how he was this evil, credit taking , plagiarising jerk.

message 4: by Swapnil (last edited Jan 09, 2012 10:43PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Swapnil I feel this Bio is actually very well written. It highlights Steve the way he was. He was a complex personality. Walter has talked with the right people. Steve had two sides like everyone does but Walter just shows that. Even if you take little things like his reality distortion field stuff, Walter shows how it was good in some cases and bad in some other. And frankly if you imagine if anyone is talking with Steve, its very hard not be influenced and it takes a very confident writer to come out of that and write dependability.

Sridatta I don't think this book shows Jobs in a negative light. It just proves that Jobs is human after all. Isaacson rightly chose to distance any allusions that Jobs is an perfect individual. But sometimes I found it irritating to find him repeatedly stress upon Jobs eccentricities. I just wanted to shout, "I get it. He can be obnoxious. Can we move on please?"

Swapnil, the problem with the reality distortion isn't that it isn't always a good thing but that it generally induces an extreme effect. Also, I don't doubt that people find it difficult to resist Jobs influence but I think the book is trying to say that they constantly find themselves manipulated.

Swapnil @Sridatta : I took a halt to finish the book before I comment here again. I agree with you on "But sometimes I found it irritating to find him repeatedly stress upon Jobs eccentricities". I too felt the positive and emotional things he said or did about others were not highlighted as much. One of the example as I have written in the book review is his comment in All Things Digital conf 2007 during he quoted a Beatles song to describe his relation with Bill Gates where he said ‘You and I have memories longer than the road that stretches out ahead,’. I did not find this quote when that occasion is described in the book. About everything else regarding Steve Jobs, my views are highly biased towards him so no use of my comments :-)

LaDawn Agree with the comment about the back photo. Mesmerising, isn't it?

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