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The Odyssey by Homer
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Jun 25, 2008

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I am just begining this book and am totally scared to read it!!!! I mean it used to be in okd greek and than they translated it but i dont think they did a very good job cause it doesnt make any sense!!!!!
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Stamatia I don't know whether this translation is good or not. But when reading it bear in mind two things. First that this book is divided in rhaprodies for a very good reason. They were originally recited by a storyteller before an audience and each rhapsody is just big enough for an evenings recital and structured in a certain way in order to keep the listener's interest for the next evening. The second thing to be considered is that it was designed in order to make sense to an audience that lived in a world vastly different than the world we know today. For example to the ancient greeks the gods weren't fiction figures, they were beings that ruled the natural phenomena and occasionally walked the earth among common humans. That is a totally different perception of reality than we have today. When the poet describes Ulysses interaction with the dead he really believes that under the conditions described it was actually possible. To most (if not all) of his audience the Odyssey was neither a work of art nor a piece of fiction. It was a recital of facts that merely happened a while back. So unless your translation is murderous I suggest you stick with it for a while, this is a really exciting adventure book if you can get into it's spirit. Happy reading

Eastofoz Interesting info there Stamatia :)

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Chanel Thanx for that Stamatia!! I really appreciate it!! and ill make sure to keep those things in mind!!

message 4: by Vettech2124 (new)

Vettech2124 dont worry chanel i'd be scared to read it too!! its a big book! and im not really a fan of this genre...sorry...but i hope for you it's not so terrible...who knows? u mite end up loving it! if u do, send it on my way cuz my guess is one of these days im gonna be forced to read it so i shld get a head start! lol have fun reading it and illl ttyl!!!!! byes!

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Chanel im on fricken pg 7 and it makes no sense!!! i hate it!!! there is way to much info in to little pgs!!!!

message 6: by liz (new) - rated it 5 stars

liz I think you should try the Fagles' translation; I had to read it freshman year and WAS NOT looking forward to it, but the translation is beautiful, and I think Robert Fagles won a bunch of awards for it. He makes it very easy to understand. Because it starts in medias res, it's difficult at first, but once you get to Book 2, you should be okay. Good luck!

Julia hahaha! trust me you'll get it eventually. It is a really challenging novel, but I PROMISE you will understand it really soon. Good Luck! =)

Justine I toattly agree! i'm reading it right now for school and i don't get it hahaha

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