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The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood
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The Blind Assassin isn't some quaint novel. It's a sweeping saga that pans generations and yet manages to be personal, insightful and deeply relevant. I love the short novellas and if I could build a temple to the aesthetic value that brevity brings, I would; but there must be something said about the big books; the books that come with a spine 600 to 700 pages thick in font size 10 or 11. When these big books aren't just big for big's sake, when every word, every fullstop exists for a purpose they become more than just good stories told well. The Blind Assassin is such a book. It's about story-telling it self; its art, its motives and its outcome. I loved the narratives within narratives element and what I loved more was that it wasn't just a stylistic device, it was purposeful.

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