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Jan 01, 2012

did not like it
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Edit 6/8/12: Oh, the cover is out. It's so... lame. First a lame title now an even lamer cover. -_-

Okay. *rolls up sleeves and holds hands over keyboard* Let's do this.

So Fitzpatz is making a fourth book to her Hush Hush series. Yay. (That was a sarcastic 'yay' by the way... Haha, that rhymed!) For me, there is no way in HELL I am going to read this. I stopped after Crescendo.

(I can't stand that Nora bitch and that rapist Patch any longer.)

But I read the reviews of the rest of the second and the third book for the lolz and just because the reviews were freaking hilarious. The third book, Silence, was supposed to be the last one of the series, but I guess there was some sort of cliff hanger which made everyone go, "Oh God no, she better not make another one."

But she did.

Am I surprised? Hell no. I knew this was going to happen after I finished the first one. What made me grimace and write this non-review was the reactions. Frankly, I wouldn't give a damn but some things that people said just urked me enough to type this up really quick.

(Also it's because I am seriously bored. Lol!)

First of all, for everyone saying, "What the fuck is Fitzpatz thinking!?" I am totally with you. I loathe this series for many reasons that cannot fit into this non-review of mine. I seriously hate it. The fact that publishers looked at this piece of trash and said, "Like, omg, this is going to be da best series evah!" makes me want to weep for the future of the publishing industry. I used to love going to the teen section to find the next sweet read I can spend a nice lazy Sunday on. But it is books like these that make me shudder whenever I pass the teen section, knowing that any one of them could be a horrible waste of time and money.

Then I read people who said, "Aw man, c'mon! I like this series! Stop saying mean things!" and stomped their feet like a child throwing a tantrum. I actually laughed out loud at some of these, since I will never be able to understand why ANYONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would like this sad excuse of a novel. But I respect that they can like this (I guess somebody has to) and want to defend it. I was about to let it slide.


1.)"You're just jealous!"

2.)"If this book is so bad then why is it in the New York Times Bestseller's list, huh!?"

3.)"Keep your mean comments to yourself!"

4.)"You can state your opinion without being rude!"

5.)"The title is omgsoamazing! If you don't like it then come up with a better one!"

6.)"If you were the author and you saw all of these nasty comments then you would feel bad! So don't do it!"

7.)"If you don't like it then why did you continue on with the series!?"

8.)"Why do you always have to bring it back to Twilight!?"

Sighs. On and on I read this! It gets friggin' annoying. So, this is for all you people who LOVE this series and want these questions answered.

For 1.) This is just the most pathetic thing to write. Can't you come up with anything more creative? I guess not, because I have seen this so many times in Goodreads that it is just getting old.

First, who would be jealous of this garbage? I am actually falling to my knees thanking the Lord that I wasn't the one who brought this to the world. Mainly me and other people are hollering and screaming because there are so many other unknown authors who deserve to be published with great stories in their hands. The fact that people like Fitzpatz, Adornetto, Lauren Kate, and others did get published makes me want to puke. Is this really what the genre of YA deserves? I don't think so. Teenagers deserve so much more than these sad excuses for books, not some author telling you that being molested and stalked by a creep is the most romantic thing any man can do.

For 2.)Personally, I have no fucking idea why this made it on the NYT list. It's horrific. What's even more horrifying is that people actually bought the books and shouted to the world, "This is real love here!" This is not what love is! Jesus Christ on a crutch!

The Hush Hush books are about an air-headed idiot who is attracted to a creepy fallen angel who wants to get in her pants or kill her in the process. Say what you want, but that's all this is about. Period. End of story.

For 3.) Never! Mua-hahahahahahaha!... But seriously, stop whining. If someone doesn't like what you like, it does not matter. You like it, no one can change your opinion. But telling others what to do just makes you come off as an immature kid that can't let others voice their own opinion. I will say whatever the fuck I want whenever the fuck I want.

For 4.) No I can't state my opinion without being rude. Actually, I can, but I don't want to. *shrugs* Now stop telling me what to fucking do, bitch.

For 5.) If you think that "Finale" is a great title, then... I cant even finish that. It's just too stupid! Finale? FINALE!?

*slams head on desk*

For 6.) This kind of goes with number 3 and 4. I can say whatever I want, bitches! Also, if I was Fitzpatz, and I read some of the negative reviews on Goodreads, then I would start to think that my book needs some major fixing. Both good and negative reviews are needed for any book. It helps the author know what is good in the book and what isn't. And for those of you saying, "Just be nice, please," I say shut up. The author introduced his/her work to the world, so I can have the freedom to have my opinion about it. As for this, I wasted about twenty dollars on some shit book that I am seriously thinking about throwing away. I can't get my money back so I will rant and cuss like a motherfucker until I am satisfied enough.

For 7.)This one is tricky to answer. For everyone it is different. Some people are curious to know what happens in the series so they continue on reading. Some just read it for the snark (I admit I did this with Hades. And ya know what? It was so much fun saying how much I HATED it!). But for the most part I say it is because we love books. Isn't that why we joined this site anyway? We all have a passion for reading and love the feeling of diving into a whole new world with great characters and an amazing pot to drive the story along. I am sad to say that lately in YA I don't get that feeling in most books. Sure there are a few gems I pick up here and there, but mostly I find that some YA books are uninspired and are a disgrace to the genre. Maybe some people continued on with the series clinging to hope that it would get better, that there is some good in this waste of paper and trees. However, for some, the outcome does not look promising.

For 8.)Ugh. It's because Twilight is the core of YA's problems. And honestly, the first book was a lot like Twilight. Girl meets creepy weirdo in a science class and the guy ends up being a supernatural creature? C'mon, the similarities are undeniable!

However, I do get tired of hearing Twilight in some reviews. It's mostly because I am trying to erase the awful experience of reading it from my memory. But no matter what, Twilight will always come popping back up. It's like grass. You mow it, but then it grows right back again. I am not gonna go into a rant about how much and why I hate Twilight (because I have already done that on my review of it and basically to everyone I know) but the reason why the topic keeps being brought up is that Twilight was the start of it all. The lameifying (I know it's not a word so shut up) of once-awesome paranormal creatures, the totally wrong view of what love should be, the uninspired cliche twists in the plot, the wimpy, non-threatening antagonist, the horrible view of how women should act and be treated as (...not.. gonna... rant... about... feminism...), and the anticlimactic ending all points back to Twilight. Sure there may have been some books before that did it, but Twilight really hit the mark.

So please, all you Hush Hush supporters, shut the fuck up, and let me and others scream and howl for this series to die in a blazing inferno.

Thank you. *bows and exits stage*

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message 1: by Bethany (new)

Bethany I commend you for making it through two books in the Hush, Hush series. I think I stopped maybe midway though the first book... Why did the hardback have to be so pretty, just lying there in the bookstore? Disgrace. I really wish boring books had covers representative of their boringness. I guess the publishers didn't think it was boring, so as you said, what were they thinking?! Kinda scary to think some publisher thought this was what teens are looking for in a book nowadays. Well, it got on the bestseller list somehow any way.

Marlena I know right! Why can't horrible books have horrible covers to match? But it seems that the only way a bad book can get sold is if it had a drop-dead beautiful cover, like the Fallen series. It just makes me want to... Grah! *tears out hair*

message 3: by Graham (new)

Graham Bradley A brazen but well-supported argument. Thanks for adding it to the discussion.

Marlena Why thank you! XD

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