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Dec 31, 2011

really liked it
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Seriously, people? If you hate Anita Blake so much, then why don't you just not read it? It's not really a difficult concept. Don't like a series? Don't keep buying it. Don't keep reading it. And don't keep leaving snarky and downright-mean "reviews" just so you can look cool. Sheesh.
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message 1: by Sophie (new) - added it

Sophie =D Yay!!!! Agreed! If you don't like them, stop reading them, Duh!! And leaving hate messages is a little sad =]

message 2: by Ren (new)

Ren And don't keep leaving snarky and downright-mean "reviews" just so you can look cool. Sheesh.

Word =)

Heather T I'm on the fence. I love Anita, but I've quit buying the series. And this is my own opinion here... when LKH writes a good book it's amazing. But, I feel like I'm getting one bad book, a mediocre book, and then a good one. Just when I'm ready to give up, despite the fact that I love the characters, LKH hits me with something great so I convince myself to keep reading and start the whole process over again. Recently, I've constantly been on the verge of giving up, only to be pulled back in by a glimmer of potential, or my love of the characters. I do think that sometimes plot gets neglected for sex scenes that don't progress the plot line in anyway, and that's such a far cry from the beginning of the series that it's awkward for me. I wouldn't have fallen in love with Anita if I had started with a book where 6 people are in bed. That's just not me and not something that I would normally read. I like it when Anita's the badass out there solving crimes and enjoy the books where that's a bigger emphasis.
That being said, only idiots review books and give them a score (either high or low) without actually reading the book. Just because you love a series, doesn't mean the next one is 5 stars worthy. Same as if you hate a series. It's a huge pet peeve of mine so I agree with fully on that aspect.

message 4: by Suz (new) - rated it 4 stars

Suz I hated the Anita of the beginning of the series. She was a frigid, emotionally unavailable sociopath that I would never aspire to and wouldn't want any woman to use as a role model. Every time I see someone say "I miss the bad ass Anita of the early books" and then proceed to trash the promiscuity of the later books I just roll my eyes and think "must be an American from one of the red states."

Kitt Amen.

Carrie (Book Fairy) Fort THANK YOU I have never seen so many people with so little time on there hand that they have to post all this drama, if you don't like it or want to read it why do we have to hear from you. LKH is a fabulous writer and I am so glad she hasn't ended series. I love hearing about all of her men and her trials. Glad to see I am not the only one!

Keita-Eiri Kettlewell-Scarbro I agree with this so much. I have little more to say than that other in looking forward to writing mine once I finished it.

Sheera I totally agree ... it's the 21st book in the series. If a person hasn't gotten the point by now, doesn't like the characters or writer's writing style they need to PLEASE stop torturing those who actually like it with hateful reviews and torturing themselves with reading something they KNOW they won't like!

Inti I think anyone that has taken the time to read the entire book has the right to post their opinion of it on a review site. Obviously this isn't just for positive reviews as the rating system isn't stuck on 5 stars.

message 10: by Suz (last edited Jun 09, 2012 10:08PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Suz Inti wrote: "I think anyone that has taken the time to read the entire book has the right to post their opinion of it on a review site. Obviously this isn't just for positive reviews as the rating system isn't..."

Inti, I personally agree with you, but the original poster posted before the book was ever out. Long before it was out or there were even ARCs available. The listing was inundated with hate reviews for a book that wasn't even finished being written, nor printed, yet.

See the first response in the comments was March 11th? The book wasn't released until June 5th.

Nathan The reason why people keep reading it is because they like Anita Blake, but hate what she's become and the stories that are told (or lack there of). People are spending what $20 a pop per hardback to basically read an erotica novella with no plot, no conflict and no depth.

message 12: by Suz (new) - rated it 4 stars

Suz Nathan wrote: "The reason why people keep reading it is because they like Anita Blake, but hate what she's become and the stories that are told (or lack there of). People are spending what $20 a pop per hardback..."

I disagree. I prefer what she's become over what she was in the early books. Further, the last few books only had one to three sex scenes in them. I wouldn't call that erotica. I wouldn't even call that enough to rate as contemporary romance. Folks who are still whining about the amount of erotica stopped reading between 11 and 14 and haven't gone back and are just enjoying whining about a situation that stopped being relevant six books ago.

message 14: by Debi (new) - rated it 2 stars

Debi Slaughter Because we keep hoping LKH will go back to the writing style that sucked us all in back in the first 15 books of the series. Constructive feedback is what many authors like; I haven't read one "snarky" review - but I have read some honest ones.

Robin Debi, I agree with you. Reviews are supposed to be both good and bad. I have been a huge LKH fan for years...but the last few books are just sad. I keep reading them hoping she will get back to her great style of writing that I so loved. But instead I feel that she's getting worse.

message 16: by Hitandmiss (last edited Jul 01, 2012 06:00PM) (new) - added it

Hitandmiss You know what they say,

“When the facts are against you, argue the Logic. When both are against you, argue the messenger”

This more than anything is why the “haters” keep coming, because LKH and her fans will not admit that the series has devolved. The “haters” want good quality books, and get angry when LKH pumps out drivel, plasters “#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR” on it and then naysays criticism as prudes when the “haters” point out the basic errors and criticize the plot.

If you are a fan you should want LKH to be improving and sharping her craft. There must be a point as a fan where even you say “Hey if it gets this bad * then even I have to admit that LKH has lost it”

message 17: by Fola (new) - rated it 5 stars

Fola Hitandmiss wrote: "You know what they say,

“When the facts are against you, argue the Logic. When both are against you, argue the messenger”

This more than anything is why the “haters” keep coming, because LKH and ..."

Debi, I've read some really snarky ones, and furthermore, I read bad "reviews" about Kiss the Dead 2 months before it ever came out! I've also read comments from people who think it's some sort of sin that I still like the Anita Blake series, but I still do, I might disagree with some of it, but not nearly enough that I don't think it's awesome.
I'm not sure why you think all authors like constructive feedback but a whole lot of the ones I spoke to, published bestsellers, don't, and that's if they notice it at all and come on, Hitandmiss, you make it seem like she types and designs the cover page herself, Stephanie Meyers also plasters #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHORR on her juvenile, wet-dream crap as well, but I rarely ever even pay attention, because I know it's not them, and it doesn't sway me, and from my experience other people, one bit.

message 18: by Fola (new) - rated it 5 stars

Fola And when I think it gets bad, I'll stop reading her books.

message 19: by Hitandmiss (last edited Jul 05, 2012 09:14AM) (new) - added it

Hitandmiss @Fola This is a book review site, it’s to offer criticism and reviews to others who are considering reading a book. An author must listen to basic reasonable criticism from an editor; (we all make mistakes and sometimes miss errors)

"It just giggled me, and I was starting to own the things that made me happy, not because it made sense, or was horribly important, but it was just a happy."

How did this get past an editor?

If people were disliking this book, purely due to the story, (Anita's cases) you might have a point. However that’s not the issue is it? LKH is making glaring obvious mistakes and continuity errors. (How many books have we gone into now where Anita has been struggling with her Were side. Now we finally get an explanation and it’s done in the form of 2 lines and never really addressed.)

LKH sales are nowhere near Stephanie Meyers. (6mil for 30ish books vs 26mi for 4 novels) SM books all were Best sellers, (not that I'm a fan) but LKH is living on the tile of something 15 odd books ago!

You keep talking about the "bad reviews" for Kiss the Dead that came out months before it ever hit the shelves, but the real kicker here is, How accurate where these reviews? Holy Terror predicts all the writing flaws! This is what you really hate, that the “haters” are right and LKH doesn’t even take the time to get the books checked by an editor.
Otherwise you could give a real explanation as to why these reviews are wrong.

I took the time to look at your 5* review of this book. There were 2 lines that said it all;

1) "Awesome book, probably the best she's had in this series"

2) "I was always curious about what would happen after Hit List and it's promising to get even better"

The rest is irrelevant as you are going out of your way to convince others that if they’re going to point out the obvious flaws, then you shouldn’t review this book and leave LKH and her fans alone.

You point to nothing that you enjoyed in this book, nothing that disappointed you, nothing about the story, nothing about how the plot has improved/moved on. Nothing, Just 5*....

I'll say it again, if you’re a serious LKH fan, you should want her to improve. You should want her to sell more books to encourage more authors to write more on the Gene and encourage Publishers to pick up more authors like LKH.
Yet LKH fans don't do this, they just attack "Haters", Else it would be easy for you to point to LKH improving, and well written parts of this book.

Hell one of my Fav Authors, Jim Butcher, owes a lot of credit to LKH,
In 1996 he enrolled in a writing class where he was encouraged to write a novel similar to the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K. Hamilton, rather than the more traditional high fantasy that had been his focus in the past, as Butcher had previously stated that he enjoyed the Anita Blake series.

So I really do not want LKH to go away, I just want her to improve, however her fans won’t stop shielding her from good honest criticism!

message 20: by Fola (new) - rated it 5 stars

Fola I don't think there's any way to shield an author from criticism, but like I said, few I have met have responded well. I didn't write a lengthy review of the book because my review was a voice in the choir. She hsa made mistakes, which I pointed out, were not enough to make me think less of her. Mistakes like Anita referring to Nicky as her lion-to-call, the plot twist of hit-list, one of the things I didn't agree with. If those mistakes were enough to change my mind that the story was anything less than great, they would hung out for all to see and examine. I want all my authors to get better in their craft but guess what? I Still like the story!! I love Jim Butcher, but I still haven't finished my review of White Knight(the first half of the story bored me to tears!), and I may never post it because a lot of reviews I've read can get heavy with the spoilers, I don't want that. Her fans are not her Renfields, her fans enjoy, for the most part, her work.We show it by continuing to buy the book, of our own free will. Can I see where someone might stop reading, even lead a campaign to boycott? Sure! But continuing to shout at the wind??? Why would you do that to yourself??? Forget Laurell Hamilton, Why would you do it, when she makes it clear, it's not going to faze her, and this wasn't a week ago, it was years ago! You want Laurell Hamilton to improve, hit her where it hurts(AND THIS IS COMING FROM A FAN), I've heard her interviews, and telling her what she's doing wrong or what she can't do is part of what brought her to this place. I'm not sure if it's an ingrained defense mechanism or what, but the reviews contribute to her in exactly the wrong way. I and other fans are not her human shields, we just like reading her stuff, mistakes, errors in judgement(from our opinion) and all. I'm not married to LKH, if it's going south for me, then I stop buying it, if she's insulting me, like say Dan Brown's 4 grade writing project aka Any of his books, then I tell my friends not to buy it, if I'm feeling particularly justified, I post a review on a site like this, and call it a day. But if it's gotten to the point that it seems to have gotten with some people, then advocacy is needed, bad reviews ain't the way. I, as I have said many times, am still having a good time reading. I have read and listened to this book 6 times in all, I've busted it open at work, in the middle of the night, on the train. I have read hit-list probably 3-4 times, but I've read the end about 20-25 times and it's a question in my mind. Make no mistake, I am a serious LKH fan, to me, it means I like her work, I know her work very very well including Night Seer, and the novel she wrote for Star Trek:TNG. Knowing the material that well, of course, I have my own questions, opinions about things should have happened, but in the end, I still like the book. I don't attack "Haters" or anti-fans or fans or whatever, I just question why? Why the disorganized shouting in the desert? Why do you think I am a bad person for liking her work? Why do you paint me with the "you're not a serious fan" brush because we disagree as fans? So many whys? Then eventually I give up, because I realize maybe now I'm shouting at the wind.

message 21: by Hitandmiss (new) - added it

Hitandmiss @Fola Your whole point seems to boil down too,

"Why tell the truth to someone who doesn’t want to hear the truth?"

Which I hate to say is pretty childish. This is a review site, It ranks books and recommends them, we should be honest and civil, we should not be respecting authors who don't even respect their audience enough to get there book edited and checked.

Also you just gave a better review to this book then you did previously! Consider using some of that in your review and honestly ask yourself if you can write all those faults and still give it 5,

Why do you paint me with the "you're not a serious fan" brush because we disagree as fans? Being a Fan means you support the Author, You want them to improve, LKH hasn't been improving, (consider her sales, and the amount of fans she has lost) A real fan would be criticising as much as praising a book.
Go look at some of the 5* reviews, they point to nothing in the book that they liked or disliked. They just speak in generalities,(I liked the relationships, I liked her kicking butt) It’s only the peeps who give 1-3* who quote and highlight areas.

I've followed a newish author "Connie Suttle", her series Blood Destiny, is up to 9 books, I've had my problems with the plot and the faults she never ironed out with her powers/chars and story arc. However I've never had such an issue with Editing. I give this as an example of someone who writes her ebooks in 2-3months. This is how bad LKH is.

If LKH's fans all turned round and gave this book an honest review, in the kin of,

"I really enjoyed this book!, I especially enjoyed this part and that part. However I was disappointed at the numerous editing errors" 3*

You can bet the next book would get checked.

message 22: by Suz (new) - rated it 4 stars

Suz I feel compelled to point out, again, that when this was originally posted the OP was inviting people to stop talking smack about a book that hadn't even been published yet. Look at the date of the first comment.

I know, because I first responded before the book was published. I WISH I could opt out of this thread and stop getting notices.

message 23: by Hitandmiss (last edited Jul 06, 2012 04:57AM) (new) - added it

Hitandmiss Suz wrote: "I WISH I could opt out of this thread and stop getting notices. "

You can, to the right of the Post button is a tick box that adds to your update feed.

Suz wrote: "the OP was inviting people to stop talking smack about a book that hadn't even been published yet"

You would look foolish if you posted a comment about a book before its release and then the book came out and showed how flawed your comment was. It's a crying shame that these people don't look foolish.

message 24: by Suz (last edited Jul 06, 2012 05:08AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Suz You're missing the point. The OP said it was stupid to bash a book if you don't like it. She said it before the book was ever written in response to the plethora of bashing being done about a book that had not yet been published. Just not the date of the first comment. March 11. The book wasn't released until June.

The fact that you don't like a book that you have already decided not to like before it's ever published doesn't vindicate you, it makes you look foolish for bothering to read something you've already decided not to like.

Continuing to put more effort into arguing the veracity of your stupidity makes you look juvenile.

Just say "I enjoy being a hater, it's fun." That would be the adult thing to do.

Now that I've ticked BOTH of those stupid boxes I'm hoping to never hear from this thread again.

message 25: by Hitandmiss (new) - added it

Hitandmiss @Suz Sorry, but no. This is a book review site. Not a LKH fan site. The only true way to get an idea of what a book is like is to get many different people to review it so you can get a consensus opinion. Having only nice messages completely contradicts the ethos of this.

The real issue isn’t that there were negative reviews, it is; "Are these reviews true?" It should be easy for you to go to those reviews and point out how they are incorrect. However you can't, they all point at how flawed LKH is, and that we can predict how this book would fail. LKH should be lambasted for not correcting fundamental flaws in editing, plot and historical accuracy. These basic errors shouldn’t even be an issue to someone who has published 30 books.

My stupidity? You haven't pointed to a single review or issue that I have gotten wrong. Again this is the issue with LKH and her Fans, They refuse to acknowledge the obvious flaws! and won’t give an honest review highlighting this.

I don't know what world you live in where I would read something I am determined to hate, (Read the reviews for this book, Most of the "haters" state over and over again, "I really hoped that LKH would get better") I wanted LKH to improve, I want the LKH who could write a plot and had editors. I don't want more crappy authors, I enjoy reading. LKH "haters" mantra makes absolutely no sense, other than it gives her cover to keep writing rubbish and ignore the negative reviews.

I'm really sorry to have to keep disagreeing with you. I hoped that you would realise that the "haters" an’t some hipster cats, "I has hating Anita before The Laughing Corpse" and were actually people with honest feedback.

message 26: by Fola (new) - rated it 5 stars

Fola Yes, this is a book review site. Not a site to review the other reviewers. And maybe it's childish to suggest that you actually campaign in a substanial way that matters, it's very grown up of you to constantly remind fans of an author that we're only fans because we're lying to ourselves or whatever, not because we actually enjoy the storyline, with the obvious flaws. I understand you hating it(according to you, in my own childish and limited way), I understand the frustration at LKH for making errors, and trust me, I sometimes hate the fact that Anita repeats herself over and over and over.

By the way, while I am being childish, Fan is defined by the New Oxford American Dictionary as a person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular sport, art form, or famous person. Short for fanatic.

I'm sorry we disappoint you but if every one of her fans posted those honest reviews you were talking about, it might surprise you how positive it would be even with all the stuff we don't like. And if you would like, I will list them for you.

Repetitive writing.
Continuity errors
Up until the Kiss the Dead, Nathaniel.
Not enough Richard.
Richard in Danse Macabre, I think.
Mother of all darkness' questionable death.
Not enough exploration of the other members of the council.
Other necromancers?

That's it for me. But it still takes me on a thrill ride,and the number of positive things I have to say about it far outweigh those negatives.

I don't think you're stupid, but I think you're going about this wrong. And I think you've made assumptions, a lot of them. I could be wrong, and you may have seen the unedited scripts of far more polished writers and they were perfect, but the authors I've talked to say the editors are there for a reason.

I'm done. Post away.

message 27: by C.C. (new)

C.C.  Covington Seriously, Ravyn? If you hate the bad reviews so much, then why don't you just not read them? It's not really a difficult concept. Don't like a bad review or comment? Don't keep reading them. And don't keep trying to tell us what to read just so you can look cool. Sheesh.

Did it ever occur to you that maybe the reason why we keep reading is because a part of us is still in love with and curious about the series? We've had our hearts broken over and over because of what the series has become, yet there is still a part of us that has hope that maybe the series will get better for us. Yeah, people can get nasty, but it's not your place to tell us what to read or how to review. So no, we won't stop reading and we won't shut up if our reviews aren't as positive as yours!

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