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My Ruthless Prince by Gaelen Foley
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Dec 31, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: made-me-cry, wanted-the-hero-to-suffer, illogical-at-times, good-adventure
Read from January 13 to 19, 2012

I knew I'd like this book when I read the setup for it in My Irresistible Earl. OK, I usually like more actual HISTORY in my historicals, and less made-up stuff like fictitious cabals of evil and ancient knightly orders pitted against them. But it works in this series, even if it gets a little silly and illogical at times.

Drake is an earl who has been trained since boyhood to become a knight of the Order of St. Michael, the good guys. He was captured early in the series by the evil cabal and tortured out of his mind, until he became a kind of automaton and disciple of one of the leaders. In the previous book, the order got him back and sent him home to Emily, his childhood friend and the daughter of his family's woodsman. They've always loved each other but always known that because of their different social standing, they could never act on it. He started to get better, and then abruptly used Emily as his hostage in order to escape the order and return to his evil master.

In this book, Emily has come after him. She arrives at the Bavarian castle where a faction of the Promethians has come together for an evil ceremony--which coincidentally requires the sacrifice of a virgin. Drake struggles with his loyalties to the master who saved his life and his childhood love, which make for a number of compelling situations.

There are some serious points where logic flees the story. (view spoiler)

Also, toward the end of the book, Drake betrays Em in one of the cruelest possible ways. (view spoiler) This bit made me cry but I wasn't really satisfied with the resolution, so the book loses a star for that.

Still and all, this is a great adventure and I recommend the whole series.

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Reading Progress

01/19/2012 page 357
93.0% "I actually hate Drake right now. I hope Emily puts him through absolute hell for what he's doing to her. Of course she's too much of a bloody saint to do it. He's a cruel son of a b and does not deserve her."
01/19/2012 page 366
95.0% "Yeah, I knew it. Too much of a bloody saint. I actually kind of dislike her for that, as well, because I really want him to feel the pain he caused her. I wanted him to see her try to kill herself."
01/19/2012 page 368
96.0% "Oh, yak. All billing and cooing and NOW all of a sudden he's protective of her. He'd have let her live with the worst possible thing imaginable, but oh, she's his beloved."

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