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Heir of Locksley by N.B. Dixon
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really liked it

Before I get into the review itself this book gave me find memories of watching Robin of Sherwood back in the 80’s and having discussions about who was the best Robin – Michael Praed or Jason Connery. Never mind your Russell Crowes, this was the Robin Hood me and my school friends enjoyed most.

The book itself I chose from netgalley because I love the Robin Hood legend and I like historical fiction. I was also intrigued by the blurb and the reviews around the LGBT angle. Some other reviews have mentioned that they didn’t like Robin fighting against his feelings simply because it wasn’t done in those times but that he should be openly gay. I read this as a straight cis woman so I wondered if I would see things any different. I kind of see both sides of this. I thought that the worry about how being gay would be perceived in a time when you could be hung or put in stocks for any little misdemeanour fit in with the timescales of the book. However, for me I didn’t think there was enough of this side of Robin. It isn’t really mentioned until 60% into the book although there are hints about friend Will’s sexuality throughout and then you’re caught up in the battle scenes afterwards and it kind of then got lost within that. For me, if you are going to make a big deal in the blurb then put more in the book. I felt like it was an idea toyed with whilst checking out how the general public would react. I may well be wrong there. I do know (again because I read the reviews – naughty) that the relationship between Robin & Will is explored much more in the second book (which I have on my TBR pile) so I’m intrigued as to how it plays out.

I really don’t care whether the characters are gay or straight but then there is a lot of white straight female representation out there but I can see why anyone within the LGBT community would want something a bit more.

The story then…I do like this kind of book where you take a (possibly) real person from history and pad out the little bits we know with some fiction. This one covers the first 18 years of Robin’s life and the events that led to him joining with Richard the Lionheart on the crusades. As mentioned Will is in the book throughout as well as Guy of Gisbourne and then towards the end we start to see some of the characters that will play a larger part in Robins life such as John Little.

It moves quite fast and there’s plenty of action (those are the bits that make me want to try and track down the old TV shows) and it does put some really interesting bones onto the man and myth. I enjoyed the female characters with one in particular being quite horrid and I really want to see her get her comeuppance at some point.

It also made me think a little bit and I may go away a do a bit of internet searching which to me is always a sign of a good book. Characters Much and Alan a Dale were in the TV show but along with John Little are these people part of the myths or has the author been watching the same TV as me! When did these guys become cannon or is there information out there that they may be real too? I love when books do this when they leave you really enjoying the story but give you something to take away and delve into more and this one really worked for me on that level.

So… a fun book, the beginnings of exploring sexuality, the start of the outlaw myth and plenty of action. There’s lots to enjoy here and I really would recommend it.
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