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The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come by John Fox Jr.
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Dec 31, 2011

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Read in December, 2004

Chadwick Buford is a Kentucky foundling with the unnatural luck to keep getting complete strangers to take him and raise him for a bit. After his foster parents die, Chad is taken in by the Turner family. Young daughter Melissa Turner falls in love with him.

When Chad is separted from the Turners, he's then taken in by Major Buford. Although Chad doesn't know much about his own family past, the Major believes Chad is the decendent of a long lost relative of the man's. Chad makes friends with the rich kids of the Dean family. Daughter Margaret Dean falls in love with Chad. But when word gets out that Chad may be illegitimate, the Deans quickly sever ties with our young hero.

Then the Civil "Wah" breaks out. Chad feels the call of the Union. Not for anything noble like anti-slavery feelings. In fact, for Chad "To him slaves were hewers of wood and drawers of water. The Lord had made them so, and the Bible said that it was right... Slaves were sleek, well-fed, well-housed, loved and trusted, rightly inferior and happy." Seriously, that's in the book.

Chad was quite successful during the war. Got to talk to Grant and everything. He comes back home to marry Margaret Dean. Then tragedy strikes and Chad learns that poor, unrequited Melissa Turner has died. Feeling guilty, Chad decides not to have any happiness with Margaret and he sets off for the West to try and begin again. What the hell kind of ending is that?

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