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The Rise of Nine by Pittacus Lore
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Dec 30, 2011

it was amazing

First of all, John/Four should stay with Sarah. I don't care what you say, they were good together in the first book. I don't see why everyone is hating on Sarah. She made one bad choice which we don't even know if it was her. Every relationship has its ups and downs.It will show people to over come challenges with their significant others. Second, Sam and Six should get together. This would by my ideal ending for the series at lest relationship wise.
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Imani Matt your totally right John and Sarah should stay together they are perfect for each other! There's got to be something with the whole dobbing him in thing their is no way she would do that! And six and sam for sure that would be perfect

Mada i think john is more of a traitor than sarah.he left her unprotected and now all he wants is to be with six.where is all the love he said he has for sarah?i think sarah had a hard time with all the haters,the mogadorians and the cops/feds harassing her.and of course john simply doesn't's more important to kiss six than think about sarah.
sarah could be killed by mogadorians just because of john.

message 3: by Yonina (new)

Yonina hey i am not sayning that they aren't SOO perfect together but when your dateis alien with people hunting him do the is not enough room for mistake cause you cant trust anyone

message 4: by Ariella (new)

Ariella Mendez hmm NEWS FLASH she called the FBI on him! who the F-ing hell in their right mine would take BACK a gf like that?!

message 5: by Ariella (new)

Ariella Mendez dislike dislike DISLIKE!!!

message 6: by Alein (new) - added it

Alein We know that, in case you didn't realize. It's not confirmed whether or not SHE called the FBI. Her phone could have been bugged.

message 7: by Ariella (new)

Ariella Mendez well still i dont like her anymore and in plus if she loves him she wont make him watch her die of old age he'll live like a hundred years longer

message 8: by Andries (new)

Andries Man Exactly my thoughts, i couldn't agree more

Cory For all the Sarah sympathizers, yes, the FBI could have contacted her first.. Seems plausible. But, she clearly went along with it as, she was recieving text messages from them during there meeting at the park, and the whole telling him to turn himself in 5-10 times..

message 10: by Cory (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cory Though, before anyone retaliates, let's not forget, John Sarah sam and Henry were the Main characters in book 1, the authors won't kill 3 out of the 4 off in book 3, safe to assume John and Sarah get back together, true love at first sight, Touching moment the end

Stephen Mcintosh Read the book... before rating it.

Ivanna I love Sarah in the first book, but once I read the second, idk, I just liked Six a lot more! In my opinion, Sarah was kind of selfish asking John to turn himself in. It seems to me like she doesn't understand how monumental John's situation is and if he turned himself in, the Mogs would kill him! I just can't see them being together when she puts her social status in school above the fate of an entire race and the Earth too, because everyone knows the Mogs are going to do to the Earht what they did to Lorien after they kill the Loric. Not to mention that Sarah's human and if they ever do win the war, how is she supposed to go to Lorien with John?! The Loric need to repopulate their planet! I liked Sarah a lot, but I just see way to many flaws in their relationship.

message 13: by Cassidy (new)

Cassidy I think that The Garde should end up with another person that is a Garde. They won't be able to repopulate Lorien if they don't...

message 14: by Cassidy (new)

Cassidy And by the way, Never call him henry, it was Henri.It was French, don't pronounce the H.

message 15: by Ariella (new)

Ariella Mendez Exactly my thoughts, they need to repopulate a WHOLE planet, if another attack happenes (just thinking). I don't think they would want half humans' and half Loric children fighting it; they would want strong prue Loric's. I think sara should go back to that other human guy, Mark? Maybe while John was away they had a thing going on...

Colin I Know this is old, but IDGAF. Now, like you said Lily Swan, Sarah needs to go back to Mark. At the end of the first book, Sarah talks about John leaving behind a changed Mark and I'm very sure that was foreshadowing for them getting back together. As for Sam and Six, no way. From my reading, I didn't even think she had a thing for him. And if this book turns out like the story was meant to be, they will go back to Lorien without Sarah or Sam. Also, we don't know much about Seven, almost nothing about Nine and nothing about Five and Eight (unless you read the extra books, I guess). I have a feeling there's yet to be a lot of drama between the six remaining members of the Garde. (Well, seven if you count Ten, but she's only 11.)

message 17: by Cora (new)

Cora I know it's probably not going to happen, but I LOVE the idea of Sam and Six. Who says John won't have another "love of his life mood swing" and go for Marina when he meets her (hopefully in Rise of Nine)? And even tho Nine is a total ah, I want to see him with a girlfriend. I'm hoping Five is another girl. Just saying. :) But no matter what happens, I will always love the series.

Ellen I just finished it, and I agree about Sarah and four.

Joyce Lansky John deserves Sarah because he is stupid, stubborn, and selfish. Six is way too good to be stuck with an idiot like John.

message 20: by Angel (new)

Angel I just like Six to be with Four...BUT THATS JUST MAH OPINION SO DONT JUDGE

message 21: by Mada (new) - rated it 3 stars

Mada Who the hell makes out with two guys and thinks that's okay? Six does.
Actually she was sorry she couldn't kiss Sam and Four a few more times. And John was with Sarah at the time. Six really has no decency and morals.
And she always tries to be the center of attention. Like the time when Seven and Eight were swimming. She is so selfish.
Sarah was tortured for John and she didn't even betray him. I wonder how many of us would protect a guy when the feds come and threaten your loved ones or when they torture you. It's easy to blame Sarah but I'm curious how would all the haters react if they would be in Sarah's position. Six can't even decide if she likes John or Sam. She actually said that she doesn't love John as much as Sarah does.

Charles McClain THANK YOU FOR BEING RIGHT!! The greatest people were half loric

Payel Chowdhury sarah left her family..her life for john... havent she tolerated enough??? god.. bze she is jst a human.. doesnt make her unworthy for 4 ...and they dont have to go to lorien... so finally they could be together :-)

Megan I don't see Sarah, a human, working out with an alien from Lorian. When 4 risked his life and his friends' life to go see Sarah, What did she do? She interrogated him about 6. When 4 proclaimed his love for her, SHE TURNED HIM INTO THE FBI! What kind of GF is that?

Ashley But I don't think a human and an alien should fall in love with each other. Cuz what happens after 4 has to go back to Lorien and also 6? Then Sam and Sarah would be crying like hell right?

Unknown i agree with you. I think that sarah is best for john and that she shouldn't have died, i dont get why everybody hates her. I dont know about sam and six though. That would be pretty weird

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