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The Darkest Kiss by Gena Showalter
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“You stabbed me,” he said, incredulous. Grimacing, he jerked out the now-bloody dagger and rubbed a hand over the wound, then looked down at his drenched, crimson-stained fingers. Anger overrode the incredulity.
“Feel free to keep the dagger as a souvenir.”

July 22, 2013

The Darkest Kiss is the second book of the Lords of the Underworld series, the story of Lucien, Keeper of Death, and Anya, goddess of Anarchy.

Lucien is resigned with his occupation as the escort of souls Heaven and Hell, composed, reserved, honorable and always sober. As a warrior he is savage, as a lover he is passionate and tender.
Having once lost his human lover, he never planned to fall in love again. Except he can’t resist Anya.

“Nice to see you again, Flowers.” She didn’t waste another moment. Using all of her strength, she shoved him into the water. He could have grabbed hold of her to stop his fall, but he didn’t. He allowed himself to tumble backward, rather than risk taking her with him. How…sweet. Bastard! He had no right to be sweet now.

Anya is bold, playful, witty, tenacious, and uncontrollable. She is always ready to help, reflective, and her life is filled with secrets. Her background story is nicely created, and I loved the mechanics of the All-Key.

Stomach suddenly grumbling, he bit into the pie. Succulent, perfectly prepared. “Did you make this?” He could not picture her slaving in a kitchen.
“Gods, no. I stole it.” The disgust on her pixie face was comical, and he found himself grinning.

She was just so… captivating. A beautiful enigma.

The romance

First it seems only lust because of Anya’s provocative behavior, and Lucien’s physical reaction to Anya’s every word, touch, and glance. Though there is instant lust between Lucien and Anya, love slowly comes too. I loved that Lucien learns to read Anya so well: he is perceptive to her behavior and mood swings. He is unsure about her at the beginning, with all his insecurities, but once he believes her, he doesn’t let himself be deluded any more.

Anya is not that sweet, innocent heroine who needs to be protected with unsheathed sword all the time. At first she can’t believe Lucien’s insecurities, but realizes soon that she needs to reinforce him in his own attractiveness.

Did he truly have no idea of his attractiveness? He radiated strength and vitality. He exuded savage masculinity. Everything about him enthralled her.

The story

The story is filled with action, fights, adventure, traveling by flash, verbal and situational comedy elements, magic, and fictitious mythology. The Lords are searching for the mystical artifacts that lead to Pandora’s box, which has to be destroyed in order to save themselves, obviously it is never to be in the hands of the enemy. Meanwhile they are continuously fighting the Hunters.

In The Darkest Kiss you get a glimpse of each Lord. Paris meets his destiny, Reyes can’t get Danika out of his head, and Aeron is dangerously consumed by bloodlust as he defies Cronus’ will.

All in all
The Darkest Kiss is a sweet, nicely built romance, with an accurately built storyline which maintains your attention, and alluring characters who appeal you to read their stories as well.

Who the hell is this? Surely not Lucien. Maybe he didn’t want to be a cover model…

Originally posted on my blog on July 22, 2013.
My favorite quotes.
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