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Eye of the Beholder by Ruth Ann Nordin
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I marked this one Christian/inspirational, but it's more of a sweet love story without any erotic sex. It does have a couple of sex scenes but nothing that your mother couldn't handle (well, nothing that my mother couldn't handle). This is a story of a young woman who has been told all of her life that she is ugly. And quite honestly, it must be true because her family has "hinted" at it for years, none of the men in her town would even attempt to court her, and the man she goes out to marry as a mail order bride takes one look at her and refuses to marry her. Fortunately, there is another man nearby, Dave, who hears the conversation and decides that she, as my daughter would say, ain't really all that "harsh to look at". He marries her and despite what everyone else says, he finds her attractive. He didn't think that she was a raving beauty,but her did think she was pretty and he was able to see past all of her "flaws"-she says she has a really big nose,to her spirit, kind heart, and courage. In the end you find that because she is such a wonderful person, her inner beauty begins to shine outside and everyone else begins to see the beauty that Dave (her husband) has seen from the beginning. I would definitely loan this book to a friend. It is a nice break from all of the erotica and paranormal that generally read. A great way to reset your reading palette. TTFN-Sandy

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