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Fall of Giants by Ken Follett
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Dec 30, 2011

it was ok

c2010. I had been looking forward to this novel as I have enjoyed most of Mr Follett's books. This one - not so much. I rather got the impression that the author sat down with a good history book - summarised some of the happenings - added a few characters that would have had reason to take certain sides and then submitted it to his publisher. I am sure that is not what happened and that a ton of reasearch and time went into this tome - but I could not rid myself of this impression after the first couple of chapters. Perhaps it is because this particular period of history has been written about time and time again and has been the focus of a number of documentaries as well - who knows but I do know that I was not desperate to pick up the book time and time again. In saying that, the plot with the Williams' does go to illustrate just what drove people to the Labour party and what debt we owe to the women suffragettes. Something, I think, that a lot of us take for granted these days. Perhaps the Welsh side of the story is due to his own nationality and you only have to go through the valleys to see just how much reform was needed. My Granddad was a welsh miner around the same period of time covered by this novel and the passages concerning Billy's introduction to the mines was quite thought provoking. The Labour Party seems to be the hero of the piece with the Daily Mail coming in for quite a bit of invective and perhaps it was this clear partisanship towards the Labour Party that contributed to my lack of enjoyment. I do not read political books for a reason. FWFTB: aristocratic, miners, revolution, London, destiny. FCN: Billy Williams, Lady Maude Fitzherbert, Walter von Ulrich, Gus Dewar, Mildred. “All the miners had a tin ‘snap.’ If they took food underground wrapped in a rag, the mice would eat it before the midmorning break. Mam said: ‘When you bring me home your wages, you can have a slice of boiled bacon in your snap.’ ”


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